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New auctions! Puzzle pieces, MPC, and Footprint figures

Hi guys, I just wanted to post to let everyone know that I have some new auction items. I'm auctioning off some rare puzzle pieces (featuring a bunch of Kanto/Johto Pokemon in all sorts of unique poses!), a Scolipede MPC, and some of the more popular Footprint figures. Here's a preview of what's available:

Auctions end September 29th at 8pm EST and can be found here:

I also updated my main sales journal! I know some people had trouble with the old one because there were so many images. I broke it up into sections and re-sized the photos to make it easier for people with slower connections :). Hopefully it fixes the problem! If any of you had trouble with the old sales page, please let me know if the new one works better :).

I didn't add new loose kids this time because they're so disorganized right now but there are tons of new plush (mostly MPC and other Banpresto), footprint figures, Tomys, etc. Here's a preview of sales stuff:

Regular sales are here:
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