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A cat without a koban

I recently received another bounty of items from regen, and among the loot was a scrappy little Scratch Cat from my wantlist. I was very pleased to have it, yet something about it seemed a tad askew. At first I thought it had an unusually large forehead, but then it dawned on me--

This cat has no koban!!

But that doesn't mean I love it any less; on the contrary, it has a unique charm (pun intended) all its own. My flawed friend has even inspired a picture post...

One summer morning, my usual garbage-dumping routine was unexpectedly punctuated by a pathetic mewing...

What's this? Why, it's an abandoned Meowth, scavenging for scraps! The poor thing... perhaps the runt of the litter, abandoned and left to fend for its scrawny self?

I scooped it up and realized it was more than just underloved and underfed. Its koban had been completely torn from its head.

My pity turned to dread in an instant when the sobering words of a impassioned breeder echoed in my mind...

I had to get this Meowth to a Pokémon Center, and fast. So, I bundled it up and rushed to the nearest facility.

Fortunately, you can always count on a Pokémon Center, even one that uses random objects as medical equipment. They took in poor Meowth immediately and nursed it gently and expertly; it was feeling better in no time.

After being treated, its spirits had markedly improved, going from Timid to Jolly. I couldn't share in its naive glee, however, as I knew that without a koban, it was only a matter of time...

But just then, a third party had donated a brand new coin!

Fully healed and rehabilitated, it was time to release Meowth back into the wild. I couldn't help but check up on it, though, just to make sure it was thriving...

And it was indeed.

Meowth plush keychain courtesy of regen
Hoppip Poké Ball plush courtesy of denkimouse
Nurse Chansey kid courtesy of lineaalba
Anime screencap courtesy of triltaison

Thanks to all!
Tags: chansey, hoppip, meowth
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