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Wanted: Belated Anniversary Gifts

So me and my boyfriend's anniversary was a while ago and we pretty much just gave in and asked each other what we wanted, so here's hoping we get our items xD

 For Me: Pair Pikachu Plush
 Boyfriend would prefer $50 shipped. I saw one go for $40 a while ago without shipping and really I'm alright with no tags, just as long as it's in good/like new conditions. 

Growlithe Canvas Plush

For Him: Growlithe Canvas Plush
I know the ever kind cyritic is running pick up's but my boyfriend said he doesn't need it with the tag, just as long as it's also in good/like new condition, so I'd hope to get him one for a cheaper price <<;

BUT since I'm doing a post for Pair Pika merch anyways, I was wondering if anyone out there is willing to sell me the charm also? Of course it'd be idle if i could get it with one of these wants, but I'm willing to consider still buying them if someone is willing to part with them (Don't really know how this disclaimer thing goes but - Picture is not mine but from someone's collection site, I did edit it to be more lighter since it's hard finding a picture of the charm D8)


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