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Zekroms Galore GA Payment 2

It seems like it took longer than usual for Noppin to process things, probably because they were moving office.
Anyway, a picture in case anyone has forgotten about this! 

In order to save on shipping, I have requested to have the lot sent by SAL parcel, so expect the box to take around 2 weeks to reach me. However, due to the amount of unclaimed items in the lot, shipping still costs quite high for everyone, I am really sorry about this :( But at least it means there will be quite a number of extras available, I will post about them when I have sorted everything out.

Note on shipping: In order to make the shipping more fair, here's how shipping is calculated.
- Small figures: 1 shipping factor
- Medium figure and plush: 2 shipping factor
- Large figure: 3 shipping factor
- Lotto figure: 4 shipping factor


Here's the spreadsheet.

Please send all payments to swadloon[at]ymail[dot]com.
And please include in the memo and title [Zekrom Galore GA][Payment 2][Your Username] to make things easier to organize and such. Also, please comment here when you have paid!

Thanks again everyone!

Tags: group auction
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