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Poke☆Sweet Commissions

Opening new commissions and slots :) The Ice Creams are (sort of) a new creation - they're based off the original poke ice creams I made but in a smaller more compact cute size! 

These commissions each start at $10~! So they're the new replacement to the past poke cookies I've made. 
I am opening also 3 4 (but currently they are being negotiated) parfait slots as well. ^^

All Slots are closed!

I am also taking trades this time for - PokeDoll Figures!! and Dot Sprite Figures
;w; or if anyone has some straight sales/GB...please let me know. I'm so behind on this comm since it moves so fast *__*

Now onto the cut!

Rules + Information
Granted Sales Permission on 8/4/11 by denkimouse . and here is my past feedback Post and PKM feedback
I ship from the US, but do ship internationally ! S&H Fees are not included in the prices
There is no insurance/delivery confirmation - please let me know if you would like this! I am not responsible for any missing packages if they are not given any insurance/delivery confirmation. 
All community rules apply. So if you backout, I will give you negative feedback.
Serious bidders and buyers ONLY (If you're just looking for a quote let me know). I expect payment within 72 hours after I have given you your final total. If you asked for a quote before AND my prices have changed your last quote may not be the same no more...
I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have negative feedback.

About the Sweets
Turn-around time: 1 week to 4 weeks depending on your order. This turnaround time depends on the amount of commissions I'm given and the complexity of your order. I am currently a full-time student as university student (orz;; yes summer session...), and work part time.
Shipping - Poke Trains and Parfaits are shipped in a box for safety. Ice Creams will be shipped in a bubble mailer :)
My figures are all created by me, all the way down to the sprinkles. With the exception of support parts, such as the parfait cups, jewel sticks, and the metal parts. I use a combination of resin+air+porcelain and some baked clay, depending on the part.
I reserve the right to not remake some of sweets I have done or to reject a request if I feel uncomfortable with it.
Also I've been getting a lot of surprise in how light my charms are - it's because of the material I use (I don't use polymer based clays). I went ahead and weighed a charm (with the gold findings and strap) and it's about 0.2 oz ^^ so don't worry about something hard banging around your phone. 

More Designs and bigger pictures can be found in my gallery on Facebook!
I am currently trying to upload /all/ photos and creations I have made from past commissions on Facebook, so although I do post on dA and tumblr - to see the most up to date would be on Facebook. 

Poke☆Ice Creams
→ $10* or $11-15* more details below
→ Height: 4.5 inches / 12 cm w/strap ; 2.1 inches / 5.3 cm w/o strap

(The following examples are of the slightly bigger kind of around 7-9 cm, but please note they will be made in the new fun size) 

I am keeping these commissions at $10, since I may in the event make more and make them a part of the shop for the same price :) 
Please note that they will only be $10 if they are either a simple design, and with not too much parts that stick out. IF you are asking for a complicated pokemon design / one that you may most likely use for display only - prices will be around $11-15* depending. 

I do have Pikachu x 2 1, Oshawott x 1, and Eevee x 2 in stock for straight sales ($10 each). I will be making more but that is my current stock ^^ on Etsy. 

→ around $16-25* this depends on your order
→ Height: aprox 7-9 cm

Each slot is PER person , you may order multiples. ^^

All slots are closed!

Ice Cream Slots 
1. o0vailo0o  Mime. Jr
2.  kiiyame  Spinda + Shiny Spinda
3.  spasjoltik Ampharos

Poke Parfait Slots
1. eternal_rena  Reshiram 
2. kittay752  Jynx
3.  agkelikos Xatu
4. spasjoltik  Quilava

Thank you so much for reading, and I also want to ask if any PAST commissioners would like me to leave them any feedback. I've been currently behind on comments and apologize for anyone who was waiting on me for that ;__; thank you so much for your patience as always <3 

Also I know not everyone may not have any funds for this - but if you have a suggestion on a pokemon I should turn into Ice Cream please let me know in the comments! :) 

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