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Deordorizing Flats Help ☆ Gets☆Wants

Hello everyone!  Today I come with a quick question.  Does anyone know how to deordorize Flats...? I recently received a lot of Flats from Y!J, and my cards/stickers reek of smoke.  The thing about the smoke is that it's not really noticeable until you get close, then BAM!!! It hits you really hard in the face like a mach punch

I hope someone can help me out! I don't smoke, and I really hate the smell...(T 3 T;) [No offense to anyone who does smoke]. I was thinking of  trying something like perfume, but I decided I should ask the comm first for some possible professional help before taking matters into my own hands.  I don't want to accidentally mess up any of my flats that I worked hard to get, after all!

To make this post less boring I guess I'll show off some Gets I've received!  I haven't really posted any gets or updates since my Collection update last year, so my pile of gets has accumulated...

This is a really awful photo taken at night XD But it should sum up my the majority of my gets [save for a few stragglers I forgot to put in.] And Yes. I am a FLATS-A-HOLIC. ヽ(*°∀°*) ['Cept sometimes I'm frugal on certain flats and wait for prices to drop XD]
....Speaking of which. A few of the said straggles who didn't make it into the group photo.

Well since you're here, I guess I shall show you some closeups of my ☆☆favorites☆☆! <3
"What?! That's a Favorite!? Well at least the art is kind of cool I guess." Hohoho but WAIT! Here's what happens when you turn it in the light...
HOLY PIKACHU, BATMAN!!! Just look at that baby ☆☆ SPARKLE! ☆☆ Thanks so much to caffwin for selling me this baby!  I found it in a totally random cheap lot of flats in their sales.  I'm sure that if I was slacking off then I probably would have missed it. But I was ATTENTIVE while looking at that sales post; with the laser rocket hawkeyes that PKMNcollectors gave me over the years. Boy am I glad that I was able to get this baby! <3 This is art that I have never seen in any other Sneasel merchandise. Does anyone know what series this is from? It's so cool! I spent the whole day fawning over it [my friend thought I was crazy to be so enamored with a sticker] when I first got it in the mail! *gushes forever*

Anyway, more Favs!

This Charm is just SO COOL!☆☆ Thanks so much to floette for requesting the seller to hold it for me! It was a mini grail and I never thought I would ever see one pop up, but one day I logged on to check the comm and saw it in the sales post! However, it was already on "hold". I was so sad until I looked into my messages and found that it was actually on hold for ME!!! Fweee! ;w; I was so happy and still super grateful! 
I love it lots, but I hope I can get a minty one as well someday! This one has a little rust [?] on the edges and I actually want a second one so that I can use this one on my phone XD
And last but not least, this Weavile Star☆ Base Figure and Sneasel 4th movie charm! Thanks to my friend aarux for leading me in the right direction with for the Weavile cutie!  I never knew he existed until I saw him [really tiny] in a photo of a member's post.  Aaruxy linked me to an old auction of winterwish's.  I PMed winterwish who sold me the Weavile! <3 Thanks alot, you two!
As for the Sneasel, I had never known about it's existence either, until I was researching on google and found a photo of one in another member's collection.  I never thought I'd see one pop up until one appeared in shiningmew's auctions!  I freaked and proposed a trade for my 8th movie mew swing charm to which Shiny agreed! I was so absolutely overjoyed! ;w; This charm is so tiny and adorable! <3 Thanks alot, Shiny! <3

Phew!  It sure was a pain to put back all of that merch! XD  I keep them in a box since I freak about sun exposure [my room gets the most sun out of all the rooms in our house] and possible accidents so I keep everything in my collection but the plush in boxes.  The flats are stored in plastic baggies and the figures and 3d objects are separated by cloth in order to prevent bumping and scrapes/paint chips. [Is anyone else as OCD? XD] I'm not going through the hassle of those guys again until Collection update!

Speaking of Collection updates, It'd almost been a whole year since my last one!  I'm waiting on some things in the mail and some deals are still pending [one includes a grail☆ of mine] before I finally buckle down and post it! I also need to do some work on my ☆collection website☆!

I really need to get my ☆☆☆wants list☆☆☆ organized. It's so messy! If you're bored, feel free check it out! :3 I would really appreciate it if you could me tick off a want or two!

Currently, I am waiting on my first Noppin package to arrive!  [already paid the shipping days ago but haven't received  confirmation status e-mail yet >:C] :

Thanks to aleyina for showing me this lot of rare bottlecap figures <3 It sure was a close call!!!  I was debating whether to use Noppin or SMJ, when I decided to try out Noppin instead of using SMJ again. I deposited my money before reading that they were moving offices and closed down!!! I panicked SO MUCH but then read that they re-opened services about half an hour before the auction would end... Orz

I got SO lucky rofl. I'm going to be auctioning off/or taking offers the non-Weavile/non-mew figures so I hope you guys look forward to my next sales post when my very first noppin box comes in!

But for now, thanks for reading! ☆☆☆ images
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