Trimblecat (trimblecat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

So my boyfriend's birthday is coming up and an important question...

Hi guys!

I really want to get him something pokemon related. =) He's not uber collector like I am, but he has his favorites and I think he'd enjoy some memorabelia. So his favorite pokemon he listed are as followed:

Lucario, Gardevior, Aggron, Honchkrow, Smeargle, and Dragonite. I also know he likes the Charmander line, and luxray.

I kind of want to stay away from figures, cards and stickers, just because I want something he can interact with more, like say, a plush, clothing, ect. I don't want to spend more than $25 including shipping since I've got other things in mind for his birthday too.

Anyone have any neat ideas or cool suggestions?

Before I forget
It's no doubt, my purchase of my oshawott (Miju) at a recent anime convention reignited my interest in plushie collecting. I stepped back into the world of collecting, and began to learn many things about types of pokemon plushies, and the fact that there are bootlegs out there. In particular I realized my Oshawott was based after a shiny banpresto UFO catcher, and with what little Japanese I know, I realized the tag said nothing about being a Banpresto plush. The pikachu tag also is something I haven't seen on other plushies. I don't mind if he is bootlegged, I'd love him the same, but I would also like to get a legit Oshawott too.
So here is the doll and it's tags: Sadmiju

So the question, while I think I know the answer, is is Miju here, a bootleg?

Thanks guys!
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