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Hello, folks! I am doing a pickup at the Tokyo PC this weekend. (the 29th) I am going on my way home from a doctor's appointment, so if anyone wants new release items that they're worried will go out of stock quickly that day, I encourage you to buy from denkimouse or someone else since I'm not sure what will be around when I get to the store in the afternoon. :O

Rules/important information:

*sales permission granted in Jan 2011 from denkimouse!

*prices are in USD, to be paid via Paypal! Shipping prices will wait until I have the items in hand.

*Signing up is a commitment to buy and pay on time. I have been far too lenient in the past and it's left me with items I can't resell. If you get on my list, you need to be serious about it and ready to pay on time. Non-payment=negative and late payment=neutral feedback.

*I mail via standard airmail! Tracking is 4$ extra for those who want it and mandatory for purchases over 75$. Shipping costs will depend on the size/weight of the item(s) and what country you live in! I usually mail within a week of payment, up to 2 weeks after.

*Don't edit comments! If you find you need to change something, please make an additional comment instead of editing your original one.

*NO combining shipping for big plush/oddly shaped large items with clearfiles, for the sake of keeping flats as safely packed as possible.

How this will work:

Comment with what you'd like, adding your own total for items, and I add you to my list and let you know! You check out the list and if it's all OK, I go to the PC on Saturday and pick up your stuff. I'll then make a new post in the community with totals for everyone with shipping by the end of the following Monday. (this will be a clearly labeled/tagged post, and I will also link to it in this post). Payment is due by the end of Thursday! After I receive payment, I'll then mail your items and edit the post to indicate when your items have been mailed. You then get stuff in the mail!

What I'm picking up:

Photobucketgeneral goods: Photobucket
mini mascot pokedolls (Lugia, Piplup, Buneary, Pachirisu, Litwick, foongus, vanillite, lucario) 9.50
pokedolls 16.00
big pokedolls 34.00
clearfiles 5.00
general straps 9.50
PWY pins 3.50
2013 pikachu calendar 14.00
New pixel charms: 7.50 each (please indicate clearly which pokemon you want)

PhotobucketPikachu kitchen goods: (please consider the weight of these!)Photobucket
Knife with cover: 27.00
Cutting board 24.50
Pasta server, spatula, big spoon: 15.50 each
Pot 62.00
Kettle 62.00
2-container set with lids 14.00
Mug 16.50

PhotobucketHalloween goods: Photobucket
Ghost pikachu plush 20.00
Bendy arm cofagrigus standup 21.00
clearfile w/index 7.00
B6 notebook 9.50
Mug 20.00
reflector keychain mascots (pikachu, lilligant, litwick) 9.50
Glow in the dark stickers (have a white border that glows in the dark) 8.50
die-cut memo (ghostychu!) 8.00
handkerchief 7.00
cloth pouch 10.50
Pokemon Night logo pin 11.00
Metal charm set A (pikachu, mismagius, reuniclus) 7.50
Metal charm set B (ghostychu, rotom, chandelure) 7.50
Metal charm set C (pichu, litwick, lilligant) 7.50
Litwick LED light 50.00

PhotobucketGAME FREAK illustration artwork sets: (8 illustrations)Photobucket
Postcard set 18.50
A3 poster set 28.00
Clearfile set in case 28.00
Memo set 23.00

Photobucketpokemon time goods: Photobucket
Figure straps (Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, poliwag, magikarp, gengar, dragonair, growlithe, psyduck, oddish) 9.50
Clearfiles (ditto! WAIT... ditto as in the same as above, not as in the pokemon ditto :X) 5.00
metallic square decals (Charizard, gengar, dragonair) 9.50
square notebooks (Charizard, poliwag, oddish, growlith) 10.00
2013 planner 17.00
Ballpoint pen (Venusaur, Charizard, blastoise) 12.50
Deck case 7.50
card covers (growlithe)  7.50

Photobucketpokemomo goods: Photobucket
Plush passcard cases (pikachu, gengar) 18.50
Plusle/minun mascot plush 14.00
Pouch (pika buddies) 18.50
Mini-tote (pika buddies) 23.00
Mirror 21.00
Comb 12.50
Mug 16.50
Badge/pins 9.50
Clearfile 6.00
Sticker sheet 8.50
Clip set 8.50
B5 notebook 7.00
Pens (pikachu, plusle, minun) 11.00 each
Big snorlax plush: 100$ SHIPPED! (snorlax must travel alone because any additional weight would cause the plane carrying him to crash into the ocean)

Thank you for looking! Let me know if you have any questions.

PhotobucketList will go here! Photobucket

1. zombiecarousel - Venusaur poketime pen, chansey PWY badge
2. puyro - charizard/growlithe poketime straps
3. rax - 2 poketime deck cases, 4 growlithe poketime card sleeves
4. schenzi - pachirisu mascot plush, lugia pokedoll, axew mini mascot, keldeo (regular) pokedoll, tympole pokedoll, emolga pokedoll
5. eternal_rena - GAME FREAK illo postcard set, memo set
6. midnitesilven - Zekrom, Chandelure, Reuniclus, Galvantula, and Joltik pixel straps, gengar poketime strap
7. chaos_21 - Growlithe poketime strap, Charizard/dragonair poketime CFs
8. raz2b - 2 charizard poketime straps, 2 magikarp poketime straps, GAME FREAK poster set x3, GAME FREAK CF set
9. lulupin - lugia mini-pokedoll, lugia pokedoll, piplup mini-pokedoll, white kyurem/black kyurem pokedolls (big), Ghostychu plush, Blastoise poketime strap
10. zora_star - GAME FREAK clearfile set
11. namiekun - GAME FREAK poster set > CF set if sold out
12. whitekyurem - growlithe poketime strap
13. vulpes_canis - ghostychu plush, venusaur/magikarp poketime straps, lugia pokedoll
14. mildgroove - Blastoise poketime strap
15. yellowmudkip - B/W kyurem pokedolls (big)
16. daskryuu - Genesect sprite pixel charm
17. grind3h - Scrafty/Archen sprite pixel charms
18. echizenakira - Charizard poketime strap, GAME FREAK poster set, Growlithe card sleeves
19. mizuhokusanagi - Charizard/Magikarp poketime straps
20. herar - Vanillite mini pokedoll
21. aguazul08 - Pokemomo comb
22. pantherotter - Halloween handkerchief
23. youngsterjoseph - mascot lugia plush
24. orangegarchomp - W Kyurem pokedoll (big), Samurott, Audino, Gigalith, Darumaka, Renuiclus, and Braviary sprite pixel straps, Charizard/Magikarp poketime straps
25. theevilpotato - Dragonair/Charizard/Magikarp poketime CFs, Magikarp poketime strap
26. tryndamere - B/W Kyurem Pokedolls (big)
27. samurwatt - B/W Kyurem pokedolls (big), Lugia mini-pokedoll mascot plush
28. charizard - Charizard poketime strap, Charizard poketime notebook, Charizard poketime CF, Charmander/Meowth PWY badges
29. ana_kfp - B/W kyurem pokedolls (big)
30. umbreongirl - Blastoise Poketime strap
31. pacificpikachu - GAME FREAK CF set, Pikachu calendar, Unfezant M/F sprite pixel keychains, skyla/fuuro CF
32. poke_zula - Growlithe poketime strap, Growlithe poketime card sleeves
33. kyra_midnight - Mini mascots Lugia/Lucario, Charizard metallic decal (poketime)
34. papaiyacoffee - Charizard, Blastoise, Venu poketime straps
35. lyndsaygorawr - B/W Kyruem pokedolls (big), pikachu kitchen knife
36. babycinnamon07 - GAME FREAK CF set

Signups are cloooooosed except for those I am waiting for responses from! Thank you! :D

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