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Unexpected Gets + Travelling!

Hi, everyone! For those of you who still remember me, I'm Psychic, and I've been here for about 4 years, slowly growing my choice collection.

I live in Canada (holla, mes amis!) where we generally don't get much Pokemon merch. But last month was the local anime convention, and I was pretty amazed by what I was able to find!
I also went to New York City, where of course I had to go to Nintendo World!
A week later I went with a friend to London, and was amazed at what I found there!

I'm currently in Israel, and alas, my entire collection is back at home (save my Jakks Snivy who guards my bed!), but I'd love to show you what I got. :D

Otakuthon 12 photo Otakuthon12.jpg
First up, I was able to get an amazing amount of stuff from the convention!

One wonderful gentleman's booth featured wonderful merch from the japanese Pokemon Center, and I freaked out! From him I got the two clearfiles (if only he had had actual Canvas plush, sob!), the Blitzle MPC (to go with my Blitzle cosplay), and the Mamoswine plushie as a gift for my internet friend who I met up with at the con the year before. The Dragonite clearfile cooouuld be a gift for another internet friend, but we're not in contact as much. :P

Miracle upon miracles, I finally found the woman who's had zukan in previous years (but not the last year)! I didn't love her selection this year, but a psychic-type seemed like a good choice, and Hydreigon is cool. :D

The charm was really lucky! I hosted a Pokemon panel (4th years running!) and at the end some guys showed us a huge lot of charms they'd brought back from the Pokemon Center! You should have seen the crowd flood them! I had also bought a Grovyle off someone, but I lost it. :((((

As for customs, I couldn't turn down the Drifloon pencil case! And the Red charm was too cool.

Clearfiles photo DSC08948.jpg
PokeCen charms photo DSC08956.jpg
My current collection of Pokemon Center clearfiles and charms. They all remain unused and hidden because I don't want to ruin (or lose!) anything, of course. :x I wish I had more things from these promotions, though!

New York Gets photo NewYorkCity_zps3049bc83.jpg
Next up, New York City! (Ignore the Lion King magnet and Community stuff. XD)

Being my first time there, I pretty much freaked when I got to Nintendo World, and made a beeline for the Pokemon. :D That said, I actually wasn't too thrilled with the selection, as there aren't many Unova Pokemon I love, and I was hoping to get Eeveelutions for my friends. :< I grabbed the first Torchic I saw, and I've also been enthralled by the Latis lately, and there wasn't any Latios. I still think both plushies super cute, and I love them very much. :D

London gets photo DSC09655.jpg
You know where I got these? LONDON. LIKE WHAT.

I did not expect to find a single piece of Poke-merch in London! My friend and I went to the nerd store Forbidden Planet, and all I could find was an Oshawott and Axew TY plush and some cards. I was excited to find a gashapon machine, though! Axew wasn't my first choice, but hey, it was something!



As we were looking for a place to eat after seeing Les Miserables (jelly yet?), we found a Tokyo Pop that my friend had mentioned offhandedly. I immediately asked if they had any "blind-box Pokemon figures," to which the cashiers pointed, and I freaked out. They had both 10th anniversary movie legendary zukan sets! (And two boxes of a Sinnoh set, but meh.) One of the guys even said he was good at getting what people wanted! I said Mewtwo and the Latis, and behold, he got 'em for me! He was less sure about which contained a Mew, so I held off. A few days later I couldn't stop thinking about getting a Mew, so we finally went back. The same guy wasn't there, and I was nervous since there were only two balls left in the series with Mew. So I bought one, opened it...and it was a Darkrai. I pouted. So I bought the last one...AND IT WAS MEW! YAYAYAYAYAY!

Darkrai is NIB and will likely be available for offers once I get back home. In five months.

So yeah, VERY awesome. I'm so happy with all the Japanese Poke-merch I was able to find in just a matter of weeks, so I'm very satisfied.

Now I'm in Israel. Out of curiosity, is anyone else here? Do you know where to get Poke-stuffs?

Also, for those who have moved away and left their collection behind: what did you do? What did you bring with you? Did you continue buying things to bring home and add to your main collection? Got any pics?

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