Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Payments 1 due! + Deco Chara Seal Holder quick auction!

Hello there!

Our payments for the Super Quick over 150 pan stickers GA are due!!! We won it with no problems, and even with fees, some have very slight discounts as well! =D

PLEASE read first before you pay!

- Payments that you need to pay in the BLUE column!
- Please EDIT the spreadsheet after you have paid, add a yes that you have paid and your location, so I can calculate your shipping once the package arrives to me!
- Once you pay, please leave a comment in the Questions/Comments thread, NO comments, because this will be an auction as well!!!!
- Please pay me within 48 hours from now, NO EXCUSES!!! Negative will be left, if you don't pay!

Now you can go for the spreadsheet!

Here is the screenshot:

Here is the spreadsheet:


Please send all payments to hebilea(@)gmail.com, and please leave your username and the GA in the memo somewhere! 

And now to the second part of my post! I have found this auction on Noppin, and I was allowed by godudette to GA this one! There is a little over 20 hours left, and the bidding start is not so high, so we should be able to win this one, if we raise enough! I know now that so many people were interested in those seal holders (and we know now that they are those, in which pan stickers fit in), so I decided to auction this one!!!

Please read the rules first, before you decide to bid!

- This is a Noppin auction, which means you would have to pay three payments. One is the price for the items + shipping from seller to Noppin, 2nd is from Noppin to me and lastly 3rd shipping from me to you.
- All GA rules apply!
- No deleting of bids!! My E-mail will watch you carefully! Doing so will result in a negative feedback!!
- No sniping please and be fair! Bidding in the last 5 minutes will be extended another 5 minutes after auction!
- When I post up the total, everybody is required to pay within 48 hours! Negative will be left if you don't pay! NO EXCUSES!!!
- The folders will start at 3$ each!
- These will be going on until 10:10 AM EST and 16:10 European time! Here is the countdown timer!
- I will be 2 marked down seal holders for 8$, willing to higher, if we do not bid enough on these!!
- People who may not bid are those who have too much negative feedback, or I have a good reason for it!
- I have received sales permission March 2011 by . My feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/hebitheivan/

Now to a bigger picture!

Sadly, this is the only picture the seller has shown :(
Hoped to see some faves in there, but I have to take a guess as well!

Once I put up a bid, you're allowed to bid!!! =D
Tags: group auction, payments
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