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My Collection~

Hello everyone! For those who still remember me, I made an introduction last week. But during that said introduction, I wasn't able to fully show my collection because I was still in the process of arranging and unboxing them. I don't really have that much free time in order for me to finish it asap, but I managed to do so during the weekend. Yay! So here goes. Feel free to check out my collection!
Pokemon Collection

Warning: Images are a bit heavy.

First Row:

B/W Pokedolls

Some of my Legendary Pokedolls (except Noctowl, I have no place for him yet. & Giratina is a Jakks)

Some more Pokedolls with my Eevelutions

Some more B/W Plushies & Pokedolls

Second Row:

My Takara Tomys

Some more Pokedolls & PokeCen Plushies, plus three small made by Bandai

Some of my Jakks (Mime Jr, Prinplup, Monferno, and Cleffa are buried underneath; Politoed is a little shy)

Older Pokedolls (Whiscash and Skitty can barely be seen at the back, but they are there!)

Third Row:

Banpresto oldies

More Banpresto

Yet another flock of Banpresto

Banpresto. (Two of my favorites are here: Mamoswine & Salamence)

Bottom-most Row:

Some big plushies by Jakks, Hasbro, and Toy Factory


Play by Play. (except Pikachu and Charizard) My lovely Sandshrew owns this unit! lol

More Hasbro, Koffing and Mareep are hiding!

A really HUGE Tepig by Toy Factory

Thanks for looking!!
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