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A little introduction, perhaps?

I probably have the cheapest, tiniest, worst collection of anyone here. But alas. xD I collect for fun, for the things I like(at least now), and on and off. I usually never have money with me(I'm still a child, no way to get money usually,) so I don't buy things all that often and most of what I have was a gift or a cheap thrift store item. -sigh- So you really don't gotta waste time reading this if you've seen most of the common stuff.

My name's Meta, and you can see my full introduction on my journal. I mostly collected cards when I was younger but I built up a /small/ collection of other stuff.

Linking all due to size. Sorry.
Plush and Figures:
Couple interesting pieces of merchandise here.. The Totodile is part of a cup set, it goes on the lid. I think I still have it somewhere. The Turtwig goes ontop of a large DS stylus. There's a Ponyta coin in the lower corner along with 5 of the original badge pins. The Mewtwo sitting by the Kyogre is from the Pokemon Monopoly, I have the full set. The big Charizard box is for cards, I think. Unpictured from this shelf is two Pikachu watches, one with a repeated picture of Pikachu on the band, and one with Pikachu's tail on the band.
Interesting and notable items here include the Japanese stamp box, that had Torchic, Mudkip, Treecko and Pikachu, pictured above it, along with the paper behind the stamps, a talking Gengar, a Pikachu watch missing the strap, a Pikachu yo-yo that used to light up, and the Jessie jumping bean..thing. I have a Wobbuffet and Jigglypuff of those as well. Unpictured on this shelf is a couple keychains with information cards about Tyranitar and..someone else, as well as a Pikachu stopwatch.
Eevee, Ivysaur and Raichu are Hasbro plush, the sitting Mew used to talk but it's missing its tail, Buizel is a Jakks plush, the Mew, Jigglypuff off to the side and the unpictured Meowth are Tomy figures. The talking Mew is sitting on a card holder(with a Zapdos EX card) that had a plush Pikachu, still have that somewhere. The cartridges went to a Pokemon mini-game that I have somewhere.
Action Flips binder with a few cards in it, several guidebooks, the Skymin is from the Mystery Dungeon set, there's three temporary tattoos there as well.

Less important things linked here..mostly promo cards and my Pokedex binder that I love very much, despite its destroyed state.

My favorite Pokemon are the birds, dogs, and most of the cats, especially if they're realistic-ish. Specifically, Houndoom's line, Arcanine's line, the Starly line, the legendary bird line, and the Purrloin line, and I like Dragonite quite a bit. Not obvious here, but that'll change..someday. My biggest part of my Pokemon collection is my cards, honestly, so...

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