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Mew Buddies GA!

Come one, come all, to the fantastically-cute GA co-hosted by me, with the main host being miss10 who received sales permission from entirelycliched on April 2nd, 2012. This lot is one of allinia's lots!

This auction ends on September 29th at 12:30 PM CST (Central Standard Time) - So, just a little over 3 days!
Countdown is here.

My feedback is here.
miss10's feedback can be found here.

I will be taking care of the threads/spreadsheets,miss10 will be taking care of the bidding/shipping.

Please don't bid until all threads are up before bidding. ALL THREADS ARE UP! Bid away :D

I will be claiming the Pokecenter Plush for $20 and will go up if necessary.
Miss10 will be claiming one Grabby Figure and Painted Dice for $15 and will go up if necessary.

I may also bid on a few items as well.

All normal community rules apply.
By bidding, you are agreeing to pay for the item if you win. If you win an item and back out of a sale, you will be left negative feedback.

Banpresto Plush
Pokemon Center Plush - Claimed by me. 
American Pokedoll x2 
DX TOMY Figure 
Poseable Figure 
Talking Figure 
Korean(?) Talking Figure
Castle Zukan
Movie Zukan 
Grabby Figure x2 - One claimed by miss10
Pokedoll Snowglobe 
Backpack Clip Plush
Bound Ball
Power Bouncer
Painted Dice - Claimed by miss10
Keychain Charm (originally with Mewtwo)
Gachapon Strap
Pencil Topper
ANA(?) Charm and Strap
Old TOMY Figure
Glow TOMY Figure (no tail)
TOMY Keychain
Musical Keychain
New TOMY Figure
Winking Kid
Full Color Stadium Figure
Pullback Racer
Additional information provided by :
Banpresto Mew's fur is a bit pilled and doesn't have the hangtag 
Pokecen Mew doesn't have the hangtag (but otherwise is in excellent condition) 
Talky Mew (American) needs a battery change and is a little discolored from age 
Gachapon phone charm has a poor paint job on her nose, was a factory error 
Glow Mew TOMY is missing the tail (if I can find it, I'll include it!) and may be a bootie 
Winking Mew Kid has a teeny paint rub under the winking eye (you can see it in the photo, I didn't notice until I took pictures, I'll try a magic eraser)

Payment information:
There will be TWO payments.
Payment #1 will consist of the bid + shipping from Allinia to Miss10.
Payment #2 will consist of shipping from Miss10 to you. (Ships from Florida, United States)

Happy bidding!

Additional pictures:
Mew Buddies #2

Tags: banpresto, group auction, plush, tomy, zukan

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