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I -think- I'm up to date now - If there's anyone waiting on a reply from me, lmk!

Anyway, I got a pic of my landsharks. I love these guys to bits, though Gabite is my fave <3
Under the cut are other views and the flat objects.

A closer image of the Landsharks. I've been very lucky with Garchomp, figure-wise.
Then, after randomly purchasing two packs of Moonlight Hunting, I received Garchomp Lv X. ILU Fa-So-La <3

Birds eye view. Because some items are hard to see. You still can't see that tiny Garchomp heart sticker well though. Or that pencil topper

Flat objects! Some of the middle cards were from Gin, thank you again! <3 Bromide Garchomp was another lucky pull. And yeah, some of these items are also in the shot above.

MISSING FROM PIC: MT Gible & Gabite, POP Promo Gible

WANTED: .....I guess all that's left are clear Kids right now.

Also, Crescent Shop - What's it like? I've been considering moving, but I'm still not sure.
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