greywolf77 (greywolf77) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Need Championship Deck Eevee Cards

Hey everyone, I'm looking for some cards from a couple championship decks. I already have all the cards from the 2006 Eeveelutions (Jimmy Ballard) deck and the Jolteon* from Legendary Ascent. The cards I need are the following

2007 Flyvee deck (Jun Hasebe's deck):
Eevee Delta
Vaporeon ex
Jolteon ex

2007 Legendary Ascent deck (Tom Roo's deck)
Eevee Delta
Espeon ex
Jolteon ex
Vaporeon ex

2008 Psychic Lock deck (Jason Klaczynski's deck)

If there are any eevee cards from any other championship decks, please let me know!

The cards also need to be in mint condition. Thanks everyone! :)

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