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Sales Update! MWT mpc plushes + more!

Hello everyone! I finally have some free time at night today! So I spent my night sorting out stuffs and took photos and come with a sales update! (just because they are stacking on my table and I can't do anything until I sort them out lol). I apologize for shipping delays in the past weeks but all packages that have yet to be sent will be sent this Saturday, if you are among one of those and would like to add anything from this sale I will gladly combine shipping)

Updates include MWT mpc plushes, kids figures, some zukans and a few misc random stuffs and price cut on items from previous sales!


(Click this Fake cut or pictures above to the SALES!)


And... to make this post less boring, I have just received my package from schenzi which includes two Turtwig canvas (+ a poor chimchar that was left out in this pohot :( ) Now I have a very happy group of the cutest Turtwigs :'D

Best Turtwig plushes (x3) ever!

I am so glad there's two days of public holidays next week so that I can finally spend full days doing art stuffs ;u;
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