RocketHaruka (rocketharuka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Eeveelution day!(Collection uptade)

Hi :3

Today I received the packages from jedi_amara , skinst_bomb and candycafe . Thank you to all!.

And others stuffs from eBay.

From jedi_amara , Eeveelution kids and cards.

How cute T-T I need the Jolteon Kid XD.

CATS. And Glaceon~~

Thank you very much ^-^. I post my feedback for you now.

From candycafe Eevee large TOMY figure!.

Is so adorable D:

Thank you!!!.

From skinst_bomb Bell plush Espeon!!!!.

....And extra chocolate :3 I love chocolate, thank you very much!. The little plush is awesome <3

From eBay

Sir Aaron's staff XD I love it, what? o_o.

Eeveelution's scarf. One word: Awesome.

Eeveelution lution tion day *sing*
Tags: bell plush, collection, eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, kids, leafeon, lucario, umbreon, vaporeon
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