Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

Pokebox, 75 cent kids and Stamp sales!

Hi folks! I just wanna say thank you to everyone who's been ever so supportive and kind lately. We've been working around the clock to get the 400 kids GA cleared out. All paid for orders have been shipped.
Thank you to everyone for making this a pleasant GA, there were only a couple of small hiccups for such a huge endeavour.

Please take a look at the leftovers, as we do have a ridiculous amount of toys remaining! Also rhys107's items are now up for grabs with everything else so there are a couple of new additions, and I have to try and make back what I paid for his claims.

Participants who have not already claimed items or paid, you can have up to five free items. All other items are $0.50 each.

People who didn't take part in the GA, all kids are $0.75 each but you have to buy minimum $3 (four) kids.
Postage starts at $5 to the Americas (less to EU/UK) and but I will throw in free items at random and round down totals. GET THEM OUT OF HERE.
Screen shot 2012-09-27 at 15.56.01

Mewtwo is claimed:

Buizel is claimed:

This lot minus Entei is $14 shipped anywhere in the world! Make it go away.
No you can't buy one stamp. All of them!

Half of the + Pokebox + group order has arrived! Hooray! However the other half was not labelled correctly and is currently circling the UK trying to find my house! Oh dear!

"Oh! I see my items in that picture!" Well unfortunately until the other package arrives I can't release the items. Please be patient! I paid for all of them at the same time, and if there's a problem with the other half of the order, I need to sort things out with the Pokebox rep first.
I will update this post as I gain new information and/or make a new one tomorrow.

Also: Feedback! If you would like some feedback for an item that has arrived at your home or that you sold to me, please leave a comment! I have been offline a lot this month so I'm not always sure who would like feedback leaving.
I would really appreciate feedback in return, my shipping methods have changed since I joined and are (I think) much more efficient and I'd like people to see that if they check me in the directory.  ^^;

Please remember I was not responsible for the Japan > England postage delay in the Stampers GA. That was either a Postage Warlock or some kind of parcel-hoarding dragon.

EDIT: No the Pokebox items aren't for sale, guys! Please read the post content and don't just look at the (gorgeous) photos. I'll run another group order when the rep is available after her college work is done. :)
Tags: charms, eevee, group auction, group buy, kids, sales

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