Emurii (emurii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auction won: buy these up for cheap!

I jut won this auction, which I posted earlier about potential group auction (to no particular avail), for next to nothing. I only want the giant Bulbasaur. As such, I'll be selling off the other merchandise for wicked cheap.

Giant Bulbasaur - emurii
"Meh"chu - $5 (yaoi_queen)
Plush Squirtle - $5
Charmander Bank - $5
Squirtle Bank - $5
Pocket Pikachu - $5 (digivolution) (described as in good used condition but in need of a battery)
Beanbag Meowth - $3
Venusaur launcher - $3 (pkmn_masta)
Charmander figure with light-up tail - $3

I'm open to trades (I collect Bulbasaur), but since these are sooo cheap, I would really advocate just buying them... haggle away, if you want. (Just slashed Meowth's price by $2.)

Also, I'll come around to collect payment/trades once the items arrive, in case there's any problems. (Unless you REALLY want to pay me now, which I can do, too.)

(PS: Anyone have a Bulbasaur Mega Blok for sale/trade and/or have Bulbasaur Pokemon pan or know if it exists?)
Tags: charmander, figures, meowth, pikachu, plush, sales, squirtle, venusaur
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