Laura (juumou) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Items on eBay!

Hi guys, long time no see!

Sorry, I've been off really busy with work and shitty stuff with life. I'm getting back into the groove of selling and sewing. I'm a bit slower at everything than usual because I'm working 40+ hours/week, and am learning and trying to have a social life :x
I have items on ebay. 11 auctions! Stuff from my shop that didn't sell, new stuff, all sorts of stuff! Drifloons, Luxrays, Squirtles, Umbreon/Espeon kids, plushies, cards, figures - Go check it out!

Will be updating my shop in the next week or two - tons of rare items, some plushies. Be excited!

(Sorry for the delay on PPP, I know people have been pestering me about it. I have hundreds of photos to add, and my commissions come first right now. :x)

Also my icon is awesome, Armaina made it :D I really recommend her. She's so friendly, and made these overnight @_@ See the rest I commissioned here!

I'm really looking for the DX Weavile Pokedoll, the newest DP Luxio card, and the DX Retsuden 3D Luxio magnet ;~; If you have seen these recently for sale, or have one that you would be willing to sell or trade for something nice, please let me know!!
Tags: bayleef, blastoise, drifloon, espeon, flaaffy, hoppip, jirachi, lapras, luxray, palkia, phanpy, pichu, plush, sales, squirtle, umbreon, wynaut
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