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Massive Collection Update Kinda! :D

Yay! :D I finally got some mail today. :3 So now it's time for a collection update of my entire collection. xD

I have been sick and out of it since Sunday so I am sorry for missing commenting on other collection posts, though I think I did look at most of them. :D Nice stuff all around. <3

Click the cut for a bigger version and of course plenty more pictures! :D

Yay. <3 As I have said before, plushies are my favorite collectibles. :D Lookit Darkrai protecting all the little bell plushies. <3 CAN YOU SPOT MY NEW PIKA? I LOVE IT SO MUCH! :D As always, feel free to ask for a better picture or more information about any of my plushies. I am more than happy to share! Also juumou, I just read how super busy you are but if you want any pictures for the PPP feel free to ask! :D

The left side of my bookcase! :D It showcases Darkrais and other random Pokemon I like! And my teeny Dratini collection (besides plushies). You can also see most of my Pikas, too! :D Please ask if you are interested in more information about anything!

The Munchies and Snorlaxes. <3 And the rest of my Pikas! :D The flash totally killed my pan sticker. @_@ There are a few new things in there! :D As always, I am happy to provide pictures for want lists or curiosity or whatever! :D

The Bloks and Minicot arrived from kiraras_lemon today! :D Thank you so much, they are all wonderful additions. <3

The bottlecap is from the groupbuy I did and arrived on Saturday. :D He's all drooly. <3 I mailed the bottlecaps I had been paid for on Tuesday after my doctors appointment so keep an eye out for them! :D

Here's my new Pikachu from ebay! :D OMFG I LOOOOVE HIM SO MUCH. <3 Fav chu? Maybe. :3 It's so hard to pick. @_@

As you can see, he matches my Atsumete! Happy Mascot Pikachu I got from juumou a while back! :D

afggehehee I LOVE THIS CHU SO MUCH. <3

Here are some wonderful cards I traded for with the wonderful kanackering! :D I can't wait for the cards I sent you to arrive. I know you will love them! :D She also included a really sweet note that made me so happy! :D

The Darkrai I pulled from a pack ALL BY MYSELF! :D I was HAPPY. :D It's a reverse holo. n_n

I also picked up this game after my doctor's appointment to play whilst getting better. :D I was SUPER happy to find this bundle at Wal-Mart. I though the Explorer's Guides would be all gone by now! Plus it was like 5 dollars cheaper than at Game Stop for just the game. :D If you haven't picked up the game yet and want the Explorer's Guide (a really cute book :D) I recommend checking Wal-Mart first! :D

Well that's all I have! :D I am still expecting more in the mail. If you sent me something and it's not in these pictures then I haven't gotten it yet! But I'm sure I will soon. :D Or I will let you know, don't worry. xD
Tags: collection, darkrai, dratini, mew, munchlax, nidoking, pikachu, poliwag, snorlax
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