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Braviary Blow-Out!! + Online TCG Codes

Alright, first up, I REALLY disslike the new LJ layout :( It's even MORE annoying now to edit images... Anyways >_>
*granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo*
- Shipping from US
- Paypal ONLY, please

I'm TIRED of pulling Braviary holos every time I get an Emerging Powers booster, which I get often because they are in EVERY tin and box set!! Anyways, I'm up to FOUR doubles >_> I decided to clear them out of my shop for only 75 cents each. Hoping to find homes for all of them, and here's hoping THAT alone will break the curse of me getting them all the time >_> I still have PLENTY of tins of get still and more EP packs, so not up for trades at the moment for them, sorry. (Because of lack of image editing, I have NO idea how to turn it either, as the actual pic itself if turned :/)

I'm also putting ALL of my (unused) online TCG codes up for offers, starting at $5 (originally 25 cents each) and there are 61 of them total. They aren't as popular as they once were and keep piling up, so here's my attempt at clearing them all. I'll leave the offers up for a few days to see where it goes.  ENDED


And don't forget, anything can be combined from anything else from my shop here. Added a couple cards recently, too.

Thanks for looking^^ (And, bearing with my frustration of the new LJ :/)
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