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Collection update and sales!! (Kids palooza!)

Time for a collection update! Mainly side collections but.. yeah. Lol

Itty Bitty Virizion Committee. lolol It's the pokedoll, the kids figure (who is from derpapalooza apparently.) and the zukan, which has a little stand, but I laid it down to show as much detail as possible in the pic. I really love this figure, it's gorgeous!
I noticed, however, that it didn't come with a normal zukan base, and the information that would be on that base is printed on its tummy instead. Is that how all new zukans are going to be, or was this a promotional set or something?

New Tangelas!! Bunch of mini models, kids figure, and green metal collection figure. in the back there are two SUPER CUTE little sculptures made as a gift for me by milomilotic11:D THANK YOU SO MUCH. <3 (they even came with super cute little pokedoll tags) <33 I love them ;w;

All Tangelas :D (marble in the front was generously gifted to me as a surprise by oxymoronictonic THANK YOU. YOU ARE THE SWEETEST OMG.) SO MANY MINI MODELS. fff

New exeggutor mini models :o

All exeggutors (minus the shirt I have with it on there, metal swing keychain, and zukan which are not pictured) Between these and my tangelas, I don't really have a display yet.. so they're just kind of.. here lol XD

New cacneas :D Thanks so much to myprettysoldier who sold me her retsuden stamp from her own collection.The big figure in the back, I have no idea what it is :x anyone care to enlighten me? it's pretty weighted, and painted to the feel of a tomy figure pretty much. on the back, all it says is: @2005 pokemon YUIN China. and there are no holes for a base or anything. How odd :o

All cacneas! (and some bits of the rest of my collections lol)

New gators/crocs!  nothing much.. but, still exciting! In the front there is what was called a... "3d puzzle" LOL. herpaderpaderp

aaand as some of you may or may not know, I have a somewhat decently sized raichu collection.. :> so here are some additions to that! recently fizzycat

Felt inspired by milomilotic11 to make something with crayola model magic! So I made a little female Sableye with hearts for eyes. Not exactly how I wanted it to turn out, but it's still cute, I think!

Butt Jewels! <3


1. I ship from the US to anywhere
2. haggling is welcome
3. Paypal only, please!
4. I was re-granted sales permission by entirelyclichedin April 2012
5. Pet friendly but smoke-free home
6. I only ship on Mondays and Wednesdays, please understand I work a job and am a college student!
7. Please make offers in response to the proper threads, and in response to the person before you. $1 increments please
8. Offers end when I see an offer I like or will continue until October 5th at 11:00PM EST countdown timer HERE

I just made this little guy for fun, he's only a bit bigger around than a quarter (25 cents). It's a Shiny Meganium for those who couldn't tell :> I like him, but someone else might like him more? Make offers I guess. XD

$4.00 each!

$5.00 each! Willing to haggle on the less popular ones.

$6.00 each! 

$3 each. (sold: Virizion, both Sawks and Throh)

Tentative offers on these, kind of like them.. lol Offers start at $10!

Kyurem forms deck box! Not sure what to have this at sooo.. offers start at $5 
other side:

Matching Kyurem box display that comes with energies. Can be sold with deckbox or separately. Offers start at $5

Phone straps! Suicune and Deoxys-- $3.00
                  Torchic-- $2.00  Ivysaur-- $1.00

Gameboy $1.00 Totodile thing-- .50 or take it for free with the gameboy.
Clear Croconaw tomy figure (unofficial, no official Croconaw clear tomy exists) $3.00

Legendary coins, $2.00 each

Dratini, Ledian, Butterfree, Pignite, Sentret, and Registeel(x2) $6.50 each
Pichu- $3.00 

$1.00 each

Charmeleon, Karrablast, Turtwig-- $4.50 each
Goletts Turtwig and Starly-- $3.00 each

Tags: exeggutor, feraligatr, figures, gen5, ivysaur, kids, krokorok, krookodile, sales, torchic, vanilluxe, virizion
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