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TCG GA + Want


Hey everyone!~ I'm back for another GA since the last one was so much fun. XD This time I'm co-hosting with risha_moon and I'll be doing the threads/spreadsheets!~

(Btw, for anyone who participated in the Toda GA, everyone paid on time, the lot is paid for, and I am picking it up tomorrow!~)

Also, I am looking for a Pokemon Emerald that still works for around $15 shipped in the US. It is for a friend that I got back into Pokemon. XD If you have one, please PM me (so the GA doesn't get messy) and let me know! Thanks!~

-Risha_Moon granted sales permission on April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-Feedback thread can be found here 
-Areica96 granted sales permission on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched.
-My feedback (Areica96) can be found here.
-risha_moon will be claiming Mew EX for $15, and I will be claiming nothing.
-Each item will start at $10.
-PKMNCollectors Group Auction ends at 9:30 PM EST on Sunday the 30th. Countdown timer is here.
-There will be two payments: 1) Item and shipping (from Japan) to risha_moonand 2) shipping from risha_moon to you. PayPal fees apply to both payments.
-risha_moon will be shipping from Florida, US.
-Payments are due within 24 hours of the spreadsheets being posted with totals. If payments are not received within 24 hours, negative feedback will be left. By bidding on this GA, you are agreeing to these rules.

Description of the items from the Auction:

"This item will be 1st edition.
Is a new valuables.



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