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parcels! yay!!! <3 and more zukan for sale XD

Hii guys =3 A quick update and a mini zukan sale, hurrah XD

Firstly, I got packages today! yay!!! =D I luffs parcels <3

I got my omgsocute Piplup kid from yaoi_queen      =D and some looovely cards from _nofuturenohope      =D
I luff them all so much! My collection's really starting to look slightly more respectable in size now thanks to you guys hehe =D

Oh and to everyone who bought from me in my last sales post, your packages have all been sent out and should be with you guys soon =)

Pictures of my packages and the zukan I have for sale are under the cut =)

Piplup says hiiiii! =3

from_nofuturenohope aren't they just so cute! <3

yes i know i already linked this picture, but LOOK AT IT'S CUTENESS! I luff him!! <3 he was from yaoi_queen <3

Thank you both SO much!!

And as I said I have a couple of zukan for sale too, I'm still not having any luck in getting the ones I want =(

Turtwig evolution zukan - $8 + shipping SOLD!
I have to say this is quite an impressive zukan, torterra's so big!! I was tempted to keep it but then my boyfriend got another one XD

Sudowoodo & Bonsly - $6 + shipping
This is actually from my previous post but he's still available, bonsly's so cute XD oh and it's still brand new in it's packet, I haven't opened it =)

Random Palkia Pokekid.. $3 + shipping
Aww this poor guy's been left on a shelf for ages XD

Oh and to everyone who I have bought from and who has bought from me, I'm in the process of leaving you guys feedback ^^
Tags: bonsly, munchlax, palkia, piplup, sales, sudowoodo, torterra, turtwig, zukan
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