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[I don't wanna be just anyone you'll forget~//]

Who and what am I?

I got this in the mail today when I got home from a long long day at the stables (work!)
I am filled with much gleee~ And dancing and spazzing~ x3

Hay there Mr. Umbreon :3
I love this figure hardcore. There's almost everything I like about it, right down to it's out-of-the-lines paint xD

And another shot.

I never had mentioned this asbeing my Holy Grail item, because I implicitly believed I'd never see it for sale ever. I quite literally spent sleepless nights over this figure. I know, that makes me probably seem like such a sad-case, but~ xD
But, miracles do happen! This lil' fella is now mine thanks to fernchu; I never ever ever thought I'd get this!! So I can't say thankyou enough~! <3 ^o^

We are in this together now~ <3
OTP? Yes/No?

Kazoku~ He fits right in :D
The rest of my espeon/umbreon figure collection thus far X3
Not pictured; Umbreon Pokedoll, Espeon Friends Plush.

Right, now where are those 1st Gen bell plushes? xD

Just incase anyone was wondering what the heck it is (and I just assumed everyone would know !! !!)... It is an Umbreon V-Trainers Prototype figure. According to the research Dani did, there are very few (probably less than 10) figures in existence, as the prototypes were never put into production, and only existed in a Hasbro production house in China~! |3
"The more you know..."
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