Agent Spectre (agentspectre) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Agent Spectre

BW2 US Bonus?.. and a quick want!

Hi all!  The other day, an interesting portion of next week's Toys R Us ad was brought to my attention by a good store employee/friend.  Apparently Toys R Us stores in the USA will have Black and White 2 commemorative coins available as a bonus upon purchase of either game, no pre-order needed! There was no picture, but I'm going to assume they are the same as Australia's EB Games bonus. :3  As a bonus to the bonus, the purchase of a BW2 game will also net you a 70% discount on any 1 Pokemon item $19.99 or less. Pretty sweet.  I normally would not post something like this without photographic proof, but it completely slipped my mind... so my apologies. :\
Have any other US stores announced any kind of bonus?

Also! A literally very, very quick want. I'm looking for any of the Klink/Klang/Klinklang My Pokemon Collection plush. What makes it literal? I'm hoping to find a US seller who can ship out Monday, because I'd like a travel buddy for Nintendo World's BW2 Pre-release event on Saturday! >_> I will take any one of them, but my preference is in order of highest evolution.  Even if my requirements aren't met, I still might be interested in a purchase. Thank you!

OH, is anyone else going to be attending Nintendo World for BW2 or NYCC?
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