Jan (poliwhirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A very weird plush get

So... I got this vileplume plush recently, and something's not quite right....

In case you are wondering, it should look like this.

So yep.. he's missing his face in the front.. instead, the face is on the other side.

The right one is this weird error one, and the left is a normal one.

Side view:

Originally I was thinking they probably attach the legs to the wrong side, but judging from the place where the tush tag is, it looks like they simply put the face in the wrong place? IDK

It's very funny to acquire something like this lol, he's a happy flying Vileplume :P

So.. have you gotten anything with weird factory errors? Would be interesting if anyone would like to share too :D

Lastly, a sales plug to end the post. I updated my sales a few days ago, then within the 24 hours my post is already on the 3rd page ._. So check it out if you haven't, thanks! Click the banner to so :D

Tags: vileplume

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