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A small update :3

I've received a few packages over the past week or so, and since I haven't had much else to post lately I thought I'd combine them into one update. ^_^

A cute Jirachi keychain from sui_kune! It's adorable. :D

Commissioned crocheted iPod Nano covers from pikachuashnat! One each of Chimecho and Jirachi - they're perfect!

She was sweet and included these hand-drawn magnets. They're small, charming and very much appreciated. Thank you so much! ♥

A package I received from kari_xiii today starts off with three can badges. All I need is Uxie now!

Three more Menko tablets to add to my growing collection. I love these things. :D

I'm pleased to add the action flipz and Colosseum card to my Chimecho collection. They're much bigger than I had expected, too.

And lastly, two Versus cards. I feel kind of bad for Lopunny. D:

On a final note, I'm pleased to announce that I finally have a wants page! It's not completed yet since there's still a few Pokemon left to add, but I'm always looking for neat things to add to my collections; I'm especially fond of additions for my Chimecho and Jynx/Smoochum collections in particular.

Thanks for looking! ♥
Tags: azelf, budew, chimecho, collection, darkrai, dialga, gastly, jirachi, jynx, lopunny, mesprit, numel, palkia, smoochum
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