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TCG GA Reminder, Toda GA Update, Day with Toda, and TCG Gets

Something really quick that I forgot to mention when I first posted this! Red and Blue were released in the US 14 years ago on this day!

Lots of stuff to cover in this post! XD So for starters, don't forget about this TCG GA! It ends TONIGHT! I have a bit of suspicion that people will try to snipe at the end (because it's Ebay, of course), so we really need to raise as much as possible to win these awesome cards! Don't be afraid to bid your max amount!

Click the picture to go to the post

So, my next piece of this is my time with toda yesterday when I went to pick up the GA items and we hung out for a bit. Even if you don't want to read, you should skip to the bottom of my text because I got awesome cards. XD

So anyways, when I was first heading out with my dad, I pulled out my iPhone and plugged in the address into the Maps app. 2 hours 20 minutes, not too bad.

My dad plugs it into his car's GPS... 3 hours 44 minutes. Guess which one was right... ^^;

So yeah, I was a little late when I showed up.. And when I showed up, toda and I were wearing the same Pikachu shirt. >.>;; OKAY I'VE ALREADY MADE THINGS AWKWARD//

So then I walked around her apartment, and her collection is AWESOME! Nice Shiny Gyarados stuff, Every Arceus plush (including a cool zombie one XD), Haunter stuff, Heatran, a lot of Pokemon that I don't see people collecting that much actually!

Then there was this huge box on the side of the room and she was like "Yeah, here's your GA stuff".. O.O I needed help carrying that plus the stuff I had brought. >.>

Speaking of which, I had brought most of my card collection, and we sat in her living room and she just started taking out boxes of duplicates and going through my collection to give me anything I was missing. I DON'T DESERVE ALL OF THIS ;A; I probably got like 50 cards in my collection that I was missing. It was awesome! X3 She also gave me a whole bunch of plastic sleeves and a box for duplicate cards. Now I can take most of them out of that crappy Amazon box I was using.. >.>;

So then we went to a card shop. After almost getting into a car crash (pfft XD), flipping off a driver behind us, and stopping at an Asian food market, we got to the mall with the card shop, and it turns out there was a bunch of people there because of a Magic card Tournament. So me and toda stood in the corner next to the soda machine going through boxes of extra Pokemon cards sitting on a chair. >.> But oh gosh it was so much fun! XD We would sort through the box and be like "Ohh, do you need this one?" and after 4 boxes we had decent stacks, but then toda got her computer with the list of what she needed and ended up having only a few cards including some ex/lvl X that were at the front counter (Mesprit lvl X and Venusaur ex if I remember right? X3). I ended up getting a whole bunch of sweet cards, then my dad showed up and I needed to go home because it was almost 6 and we had 3 hours to drive, yaaay -.-;;

It was one of the best times I've ever had, thank you so much toda! I just wish I lived a bit closer so I could visit more often. XD

Soo, what cards did I pick out from the shop? Here's some pics:

photo (61)

photo (78)

Some of you probably just did a double-take at that last photo and are wondering "is that last card what I think it is?"

photo (63)

Yes. I got a Charizard EX.
*squeals with joy*

Charizard EX was probably one of my "grail" cards. It's one of those cards that I find just so rare and expensive that I don't even bother putting it on my Wants List (Rayquaza Gold Star is also one of those kinds of cards.. XD) I never expected to own this card for a really long time!!

Just to show you guys how amazing this card shop was, I got all of those cards for about $83. He was going to charge me $85 and I was like "Awww crap I only have $83.." and he plugged in some little discount so the total would be $82.88. I never even thought I'd get Charizard EX for at least $100 on its own!


And here's an update on the GA items! Pictures along with brief descriptions of condition included!

Ahem, so the last order of business: pictures of everyone's items from the GA~ I don't have shipping totals yet, because my scale has been broken for a little while now and I just kept praying that it would somehow magically fix itself (which has happened to some of my video game systems, so why not an electronic scale? XD). I will hopefully be able to buy a new scale tomorrow (I have to keep borrowing money from my dad.. I'm such a terrible daughter ;.;), so expect shipping totals along with extra items for sale on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Also, the smell of cigarettes isn't as strong on the items as it was when I first picked them up. I've been letting them sit laid out on my floor to air out a bit. If any of you guys get extremely nauseous when you smell cigarettes (like me sometimes..) then I can spray some stuff with perfume or something if you'd like? X3 Maybe I can try to scrub the plush a bit with my little plush-cleaning toothbrush?

photo (57)
lapopearmadillo The Gyarados papercraft has bends/creases where the other piece connects and the paper craft kinda folds up, the Halloween decorations have nothing wrong though~

photo (58)
o_0digitzdx_x The TCG frame is missing a few screws, and the cards look a bit suspicious.. Possibly fakes. If you want legit ones I THINK I have a duplicate of each one I could give you instead. There was 8 or 9 TCG codes (I counted last night and I'm too lazy to count again XD), and the Magikarp/Gyarados thing is a mini puzzle that's been clear sealed together and has a gyarados pen drawing on the back. Everything else looks good though! Dunno if the stamp is supposed to have ink or not, and I didn't try it. And the little case thing is actually a TCG deckbox for some trainer kit, but it's empty. Raichu is on the other side. ^^

photo (59)
mutant_cucumber The plastic has a dent near the little button on the Pokeball, other than that it's all good!

photo (60)
maractus Sorry for the weird picture, I had to hold it up at the same time ^^; The shirt looks good, I didn't find any rips or loose threads or anything, you might want to wash it first though because there's a little bit of lint stuff stuck to it.

photo (64)
roolax If you wanted separate pictures of the flats, let me know! There's about 58 Topps cards if I remember correctly, including 2 TV show cards from the Seafoam Islands. There are a few duplicate Topps cards. All of those promos are still packaged, do you want me to tell you which cards there are? I can see 'em without opening them. ^^

photo (65)
alexindistrict9 Pansear looks great, Reshiram has holes in the packaging for when the card was taken out, if you want me to take out Reshiram and check it out more closely I will.

photo (66)
ballerbandgeek I'm kinda in love with this Charmander. XD Both of the plush are a bit linty, but that's it. Both have tush tags.

photo (67)
firevie Mint with all of the Tags! If you're planning on displaying him, there's beads or something to weigh down his head, so he plops to the side a lot. XD That's probably not good for shipping though..
Taking a closer look at this one.. I don't think there are any beads, just a lot of extra padding inside the head compared to the body. He's still rather top-heavy >.>

photo (68)
sanderfowl Woah! Lots of stuff! XD Everything looks good too! I don't think I saw any cards that were damaged, most of the pop-ups have little white plastic sleeves on them with labels, lots of bottle caps (but no Pikachu! D: I was hoping there was one I could add to my wants..). Tepig is a little annoying to stick on his bottle cap. Do you mind if I open one of the Pikachu pop-ups to take a picture to add to my wants? Or I buy it off of you? :P

photo (69)
smonda Tiny little dice with awesome details! I think it's the smaller version of the Puracoro dice, he's the same size as my little Pikachu ones. I don't see any dents or anything in him either!

photo (70)
trimblecat All good! Awesome little Tepig plush with his tags ^^

photo (71)
clair2522 The Shuppet Mummy's wrapping comes right off, so you can fix it if it looks bad in this photo. XD The Arceus holder has a little bit of sticky residue on the inside of the front cover, but nothing that shouldn't be hard to clean. The Pikachu calculator still has the little plastic piece that you pull out of the battery before you can use it, if you want me to pull it out and test if it works, let me know. ^^ I didn't see any dents in the tins either.

photo (72)
aburamechan Awesome custom stuff ya got there! And the stickers are totally sealed! ^^ Let me know if there's a preferred way you'd like to ship this. My post office has rigid mailers that are a little padded that worked really well when I shipped a clearfile, but the mailer itself was about $2. >.>;;

photo (73)
vaporeon99 Oshawott has its hang tag, Dialga has its tush tag, but it's fraying a little, and parts of Dialga are splitting and need to be re-glued. The Championship deck has 60 cards, so I'm assuming it's a complete deck, and the box is NM. The cover was mislabeled and is actually a 3DS cover, is that an issue for you?

photo (74)
sorjei These custom cards are awesome, and Heatran looks perfect! No dents in anything as far as I can see!

photo (75)
shuuichi_chan Lampent custom is pretty cool! The arm with the lantern has a hard piece inside of it where the lantern is attached, so it weighs down a little, and the other arm is attached to Lampent's "hat" X3. Omanyte card is awesome too! (I think on the GA it was labeled as Omystar though?)

photo (76)
risha_moon I am very jealous of that Houndoom card. XD One of the TCG frames doesn't have a stand, but it looks like both have all of their screws. Dunno why I forgot to include the Umbreon/Espeon sleeve in the picture, but I have it and there's no rips or anything in it! Do you mind if I stick the Houndoom card into that sleeve for shipping?

photo (77)
raikourai Snivy's tag curls, but other than that, everything looks good! I didn't take out the notepad to inspect it, if you want me to I will.

photo (79)
raz2b At first I thought this hadn't been claimed and I was like "SCORE! This is awesome for my phone!" Oops. XDDDD Looks like it's in perfect condition! (for some reason LJ is saying your username isn't valid? :S )

Thanks for reading!~

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  • Rare Zorua & Oshawott Sales!

    Hiya everyone! Long time no see! (I feel like I always say that, haha) I'm here today to sell a couple of rare(??) gen 5 items: Tomy talking…

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