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Very random sales post

A little bit of everything! Banpresto Charizard plush, 2 eeveelutions kids, 10 zukans and more.
And, in other news, all of my packages I was waiting on have arrived! So, this Wednesday or next weekend, I will post a collection update ^_^

10. Charizard UFO (2)pokemon 001pokemon 003

~ I got sales permission from Lineaalba January 8th 2010
~ I only accept paypal
~ I ship anywhere in the world from the Netherlands
~ All prices are in US Dollars
~ Haggling is okay!
~ I reuse package materials. Therefor I don't charge anything for shipping materials.
~ Please make an order of at least $1.00 total
~ Shipping starts at $1.19 (€0,85) in Europe, $1.33 (€0,95) everywhere else. (up to 20g)
~ $2.66 up to 50g - $3.99 up to 100g (Worldwide)
~ I use €1,00=$1.40 to calculate shipping
~ You are allowed to haggle, or make an offer!
~ Feedback: 
~ Old feedback:

10. Charizard UFO (2)
(high shipping ($23.94), less in Europe)

LAN-party 006 
Very good condition $5.00 each

LAN-party 009
Some wear $3.00 each

LAN-party 014
Good condition $4.00 each

LAN-party 017
Normal and Reverse Holo Ninetales. $2.00 together

last pokemon sales 001  
Marill $2.00
Togepi $2.00
Psyduck $2.00
Poliwhirl $2.00
Meowth $1.50

pokemon sale 002
Pogs see-through with sticker $2.00 each
Growlithe sticker - Arcanine pog 3x
Ponyta sticker - Rapidash pog 1x
Eevee sticker - Umbreon pog 1x
Houndour sticker - Houndoom pog 1x

last pokemon sales 005 
Available: Poliwhirl - Ditto - Snorlax - Mew
All $0.75 except Mew $1.50

pokemon sale 003
pokemon sale 004
pokemon sale 005
There are 45 see-through pogs in this set. The orginally came from Lays chips with a sticker. The stickers are not included, however, all 45 pogs are included! As you can see, there are pen scratches on the album. To see all pogs in this set, look here: 
Look at the bottom of the page at surprise pokémon flippo.
pokemon 001
Vaporeon and Jolteon kids
Have some wear. $3.00 each

pokemon 003
Topps Series 3 complete set $15.00 (including Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon!)

pokemon 002
Shaymin zukan (right base and pegs) $6.00

pokemon 004
Whiscash line - wrong base $3.00
Abra line - wrong base (Abra misses a bit of his ear) $3.00
pokemon 005
Clamperl line (right base, wrong peg, missing Huntail) $2.00
pokemon 006
Chimchar line (wrong base, right pegs) $6.00

pokemon 007
Buneary line (right base, Lopunny has wrong peg) $3.00

pokemon 008
Sudowoodo zukan (right base, right pegs) $4.00

pokemon 009
Starly zukan (right base, right pegs) $6.00

pokemon 010
Leafeon zukan (wrong base, no pegs) $6.00

pokemon 011
Totodile line (right base, right peg) $4.00 SOLD

pokemon 012
Pikachu reverse to pokeball plush $2.00 (with tush tag)

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