Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

Pokeman! McDonalds badges Group Buy

Edit: Aaand I just noticed Kangaskhan doesn't have her baby. Oh dear God, McDonalds what have you done?
Screen shot 2012-09-30 at 16.35.16
Screen shot 2012-09-30 at 16.35.25

These marvellous (official) vintage McDonalds pins are offered as a lot. Let's get them homed!

How to take part? Just read these rules:
  • This a Group Buy, meaning the amount you pay depends on how many badges are claimed. If all of the badges are claimed, they will cost $6.28 each including shipping to me. Then one small shipping payment to you.
  • Claim as many pins as you want... with the exception of:
  • One eevee-lution per claimant. You can have vaporeon or flareon but not both. This is to avoid resellers hogging the "popular" pins.
  • Payment is due 36hrs from now, or when all badges are claimed - Whichever is sooner.
  • If you cannot pay, negative feedback will be left.
  • I ship from the UK and I was granted sales permission in 2011 by Dakajojo.
Pidgeot: jesslyra
Growlithe: lucario
Chansey: slak0th
Mew: miss10
Clefable: mildgroove
Sandshrew: furrettails
Raticate: akeyma
Meowth: ichigobekon
Kangaskhan: arcanine5860
Machop: maractus
Arbok: aarux
Blastoise: smonda
Jigglypuff: maractus
Flareon: spideyroxas
Pidgey: oxymoronictonic
Clefairy: illumeee
Caterpie: ladylale
Nidoran F: umbreongirl
Charizard: miss10
Lapras: (held for lady_lapras to decide)
Vaporeon: eeveelutiongirl

Info post about Pokebox and my self-designed Umbreon charms tomorrow. All schenzi items paid for by Friday have been shipped, the rest will be tomorrow.
Tags: arbok, blastoise, caterpie, chansey, charizard, clefable, clefairy, flareon, group auction, growlithe, jigglypuff, kangaskhan, lapras, machop, meowth, mew, pidgeot, pidgey, raticate, sandshrew, vaporeon
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