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the most impossibly holy of all octograils (and normal wants :3)


This. *deepbreaths* This. Does any one have it?  It has the most interesting story behind it. Apparently, for a little while in Japan,  one could walk into a pokemon center with a lvl 65 octillery or higher in a D/P game and get a sticker and a headband (which mimics the in-game focus band).  There were only 10,000 of the headband given out, and I want to find one! 

Has anybody had any experience with this crazy little band? Please let me know if any of you have one you'd be willing to part with!  I don't even know how much they cost--I can't even find where one has been sold before!--but let me know and we can work something out! 

These things:   wants octillery settei (can't find pics! :o ) qwilfish settei  remoraid/octillery charms  remoraid tomy  qwilfish swing keychain (grail status) octillery swing keychain (grail status)  I am also looking for all colors of ekans metal figures! Please please please sell them to me!  metalfigs Also keeping an eye out for vullaby/mandibuzz things. :) Please let me know what you have--I have both kids, mandibuzz mpc, dot sprite charms, dot sprite pin for mandibuzz, and pokemon center charms. Thanks! 

Also just a quick shout out to caryh! We were in contact a couple of weeks ago about a trade, but you haven't replied even though I've messaged you a couple of times! Please contact me if you get the chance. :) Thankies!

Next time...a magnificent update! (tempted to make another octopus photostory!) featuring an octograil...stay tuned! <3 
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