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Quick Wants Post

Good evening, my fellow collectors!

I come seeking things on this fair evening/morning/time-of-day-ing.

My main wants for today are:
= Sneasel Kid, Attack form (claws down)
= Sneasel+Weavile Zukan (DP Set 1) Base+Pegs ONLY (figures not needed)
And the following are all from the TCG:
= Kidd's Weavile (009/020) [Japanese]
= Kidd's Weavile (010/020) [Japanese]
= Rota's Weavile (089/PCG-P) [Japanese]
= Sneasel - McDonalds Promo (036/P) [Japanese]
= Pryce's Sneasel (043/141) [Japanese]
= Sneasel ex (103/109) [English]
= Rocket's Sneasel ex (101/109) [English]

I will also at least take a look at most Sneasel+Weavile items~
Location is US48825, by the by.

Just to clarify, since I know I am awful at explaining myself sometimes, here are some images:
(More will be added as I find them)

(From lucklessprince)

(From Bulbapedia)

Regarding reverse-holos. I believe they started around the English Diamond&Pearl expansion?
Is there any way to know if a card has a reverse holo version or not? Do all cards have reverse-holos, or is there some rule to it, or is it more arbitrary, and I'll just need to look and see if I ever encounter any?
Tags: sneasel, weavile
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