milomilotic11 (milomilotic11) wrote in pkmncollectors,

October Commissions + Premade Sales

Hello community!
Since its a new month, I'd though I would open up commissions :D

Only 4 slots are available at the moment!

  • Sales Permission granted by entirelycliched on 4/2/12
  • Commissions start at $3-$6 depending on how complicated.
  • Bases can also be added to your order $2-$4 for bases.
  • I am still developing skills, so don't expect pro work.
  • Sculptures will be shipping in a small box and carefully packaged
  • I am not responsible if sculptures are damaged/ broken while being shipped
  • Some Pokemon I may have to turn down because I am not the most skilled.
  • Sculptures are made from Crayola Model Magic and are glossed with nail polish.
  • Sculpturea are in Pokedoll/ Chibi Style.
  • Sculptures come with miniature Pokedoll Tag.
  • It may take me up to a week to finish commission.
  • Commission Feedback can be seen here:

I'm also open for trades if you have anything in my wants list:


More examples of my work can be seen at:

Slot #1: methuselah31010 Shiny Blaziken
Slot #2: 
Slot #3:
Slot #4:
Slot #5:

And some Premade Sales!

Diglett- $3

Surskit- $2.50

Lament- $4
(More Pictures can be provided)

Chinchou- $3

I'll reply to comments after I get out of school :P

Thank you!

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