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Kimewaza BW3 Kids and BW05 Zukan Reservations Post!

Hi everyone! I'm just here with some upcoming pre-order offers for new kids and zukan! Please take a look under the cut for more info!

NOVEMBER KIDS: "Pokemon Kids Best Wishes: Kimewaza (Real Attack) BW3 Set"

Finally, a kids set with new poses! Anyways, I am opening six slots for each kid (only the first 3 are guaranteed, but with a set of this small size, getting 6 of almost every kid is VERY feasible), except Axew, who will have five slots, as I am claiming one. You may claim as many kids as you like. I am asking a price of $9.50 shipped for these kids within the USA, and $10 outside of the USA. Shipping discounts are -$0.50 per additional kid. Once you order, NO BACKING OUT! These kids will come in sometime in late November or early December, and I expect payment three days from my asking for it. Also, let's say you order 3 kids, but I can only get 2 of them for you. YOU MUST PAY FOR THOSE TWO KIDS. You can't order A,B, and C kids, and back out because I could not get kid B. It isn't fair for me as I can't control distribution. :(


Slots (only first 3 are for sure, but a good chance of 4-6): 6 for each kid except Axew, which has 5
Price: $9.50 USA, $10 International
Payment due: Late November/Early December
Negative Feedback for Deserters?: After three days of non-payment
Pre-order deadline?: N/A
Shipping Discount?: $0.50 per additional Kid


I am taking pre-orders for the January zukan as well. For this order, I will be taking unlimited orders until October 5th. Then, I will assess how many of each zukan have been reserved. As such, this order depends on community interest. I can order as many zukan as we can get filled. However, if unpopular Pokemon do not have as many reservations, I will not be able to order large quantities and take a loss on the extra unpopular zukan. But I don't think that should be a problem. This looks like an AMAZING set. Anyways, prices...$10 shipped within the USA and $10.50 shipped elsewhere. $1 discount per additional Zukan. As of right now, the release date is listed as "January," so assume payment will be due between mid January and early February. Once again, if you do not pay from three days from my asking for payment, negative feedback will be left. Please order responsibly. Also, the same rule applies with these as it does with kids: if you order zukan A,B, and C, but I can only get A and C for you, you must still purchase A and C. Thanks for your understanding.

Slots: Unlimited until October 5th, when I will assess how many zukan I can order
Price: $10 USA, $10.50 International
Payment due: Mid January/Early February
Negative Feedback for Deserters?: After three days of non-payment
Pre-order deadline?: N/A
Shipping Discount?: $1 per additional Zukan

EDIT: As of right now, we have a TON of Haxorus Lines, Scolipede Lines, and Chandelure Lines that people have claimed! However, in order to get LOTS of those guys, we need to give Genesect and Druddigon some love too! As of right now, with the low claims on Genesect and Druddigon, we would only be able to buy 5 of each zukan, which is way too few to get everyone's claims! So please, get those Genesect and Druddigon claimed so I can order 10-20 sets, or more if we get enough claims! Until October 5th, the sky is the limit. :)

Thanks for looking!

Also, my 100 Kids + 12 zukan lot is still up for grabs! Please take a look! I lowered the price of the lot due to lack of interest. Please give it a look. You may like it more than you think! :D If this lot gets cleared out, it makes more orders like these two possible! Click anywhere below for the lot!

(Click Here for the Lot!)

Also, this is your LAST CHANCE to order BW8 Pokemon booster boxes! Deadline is October 1st, TODAY! Click here for details!

(Click here for these sets' pre-order page!)
Also, just to keep everyone informed, here is a list of dates for when payments will be due for my five current pre-orders:

1. October Zukan: Early November 2012
2. November Kids: Late November/Early December 2012
3. BW8 Booster Boxes: 12/12/2012 (Payment 1) and 12/20/2012 (Payment 2)
4. December MPC: Mid-late December 2012/Early January 2013
5. January Zukan: January/Early February 2013

Thanks for putting up with yet another long post. XD

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