mew_luvs_mewtwo (mew_luvs_mewtwo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales Update, Auction Reminder, and a cute baby pic!

Hey-Low Everyone!

Lots are going on for me this week, and that means SALES AND AUCTIONS FOR YOU! Sorry it's a bit boring post but I'm not the best when it comes to creativity on posts lol!  < My mini figure auction 95 Pokemon ends Thursday 5pm Mountain time!
0 Map <Finally uploaded a sales page for TOMY FIGURES! all oldschool!  Haggle friendly!!!
IMG_3791 <Main sales journal page.  Updated with plush, kids, stickers and this week cards!  Favorite me if you'd like!  Updates are to happen daily.

and something cute for everyone to say aww over :D
IMG_3857 my lil axew!

I also want your ideas for a pokemon themed Responsibility chart for my son!  I need ideas for stars, pokemon to place on the 5 task things, and pokemon to have for the # of stars he needs for a whole week to get his "reward"  And what pokemon should "hold" the reward cards?  :D  this is going to be fun!


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