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Last of my stickers and cute little figures!

Hello everyone! It's been a busy year for me, I relocated to Hong Kong and opened my own little business selling stickers and custom things. 
I'm sure some of you remember my stickers, and I'd like to get rid of the last now to make room.
I also bought some cute little official figurines of which I'm selling half - look below the (IMAGE HEAVY) cut to see!

Here's all the stuff about sales first!
Granted sales permission on 9/3/11 by dakajojo!
Sales disclaimer:
Prices are in USD

I ship from Hong Kong.

 All shipping on stickers is a flat $1 (unless you bought a lot of stickers!) ANYWHERE! 

If you order between 15-20 stickers your shipping is free.

 Shipping on figurines is $2 anywhere.

Stickers are sent in small envelopes.

I am not responsible for any missing post. If you want to get recorded delivery you may c:

I can hold for 24 hours!

Estimated delivery times are 5-7 working days at most.

Stickers and other customs are not open for haggling, I'm afraid. However, you may recieve a discount on large orders!

Paypal only~

First, some cute little figures I picked up in a collectors store here. 
I've never seen them before, but they come with a sleeve and Japanese stickers of their names, levels, weight etc. The stickers suggest they're quite old, around Gen 2 release time.
Each one will come with the little insert and matching sticker.
Make offers on each one in the comments below - I have no idea what these are worth! 
They all disconnect from the bases and the bases click with the partner Pokémon (except for forever alone Jumpluff)

I will send these in a bubble envelope for $2 shipping for up to two figures. Anything higher will probably come to a little bit more.
They're roughly about 1" high including the base.

Jumpluff has some wear marks on the paint. 

NB: Tyranitar, Larvitar, Pupitar, Typhlosion and Charizard are not for sale. 

Custom Pokémon Stickers
Size comparison:

Round Stickers - $0.70 each

SOLD OUT: Buneary; Lopunny; Whimsicott; Emolga; Cinccino; Bidoof; Chatot (both) ; Joltik; Caterpie; 

Square stickers - $0.40 each (Multiple quantities listed before each image)
Generation I
Multiples of: Victreebel; Ditto; Vulpix; Snorlax; Sleepy Snorlax; Wigglytuff; Pikachu; Magnemite; Mew; Gastly; Haunter; Gengar; Slowpoke; Caterpie; Venusaur; Charmander; Charizard; Blastoise

SOLD OUT: Jigglypuff, Shiny Haunter, Pidgeot, Gyarados, 

Generation II and a sneaky Sandshrew
Multiples of: Houndoom; Mareep; Flaaffy; Wooper; Quagsire; Pichu; Tyranitar (Angry); Hoothoot; Natu; Totodile; Meganium

SOLD: AMPHAROS, Suicune, Cyndaquil, Hoothoot, Sandshrew, 

Generation III
Multiples of:  Salmence; Swablu; Swampert; Torchic; Spinda; Treecko; Metagross

SOLD OUT: Swablu, Swablu S

Generation IV
Multiples of:  Garchomp; Gallade; Chatot; Spiritomb & Odd Keystone; Drifloon; Drifloon Shiny; Lopunny; Shaymin; Lucario; Chimchar; Piplup

SOLD: Tangrowth, Honchcrow, Shaymin

Generation V
Multiples of:  Volcarona; Purrloin; Gothorita; Scraggy; Darumaka; Bouffalant; Mienshao; Chandelure; All Sawsbucks; Trubbish; Vanillite; Reshiram; Musharna; Tepig; Samurott

Sold out: Swoobat, Joltik, Scolipede, Victini

Eevees and Misc
Multiples of:  Dream World (all); Eevee; Leafeon; Glaceon

SOLD: Silver

Sheets of 6 - $1.90 each.

SOLD: Trainers

These are stickers that went a little bit wrong - choose one free with any order (while stocks last)!

Gone: Shiny Vaporeon; Pikachu, Minun, Natu

EDIT: Had to rush out for work, please bear with me :) Sorry for the inconvenience.
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