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Massive collection showcase, bit of Pokebox info. :)

+ Pokebox +
We have sorted everyone's bags out, combined them with saved kids and stamps that you asked for, and it's ready!
BUT! I'm sorry, most people who ordered flat items, we do not have big enough packaging! We are going to buy some because the folders, desk pads and fans are far bigger than expected. The last thing you want is a crumpled fan!
We just have to find somewhere that sells extra large envelopes. The fans are 11" long (I know, I was surprised too!) and the folders are bigger than A4!
People who ordered only charms or small items, your postage totals are ready, click here for the spreadsheet! Payment to and your items will be posted tomorrow.

Secondly, Schenzi 400 Kids GA participants, if it was paid for, it was posted. I've had  total no-shows on payment other than rhys107, who were truantdurant andkitnabarii.
I don't usually name and shame, but I believe they may be failing to pay other people too.

Thirdly: Pokeman Badge GB members, I need you to pay for your badges! Please check the replies your claim comments for the amounts to send.  If you don't pay in the next 18 hours I will release your claims!

Thirdly, I have finally got a collection to show you! Aaah! I am so happy! I love photographing things and this was really fun!
Last month I won a mixed lot form jesslyra on eBay, and whilst I won't keep some of it... I couldn't resist. How many Pokemon cna you spot in the image?
Speaking of spots... Can you guess what's in the second photo?

Mina.. Get out of the way!



Ta-dah! It's a family of Shinx!

I don't collect shinx at all, but I seem to have grown quite a little blue collection of them. The clockwork one is very unusual and from a previous eBay find. I will probably rehome them after displaying them for a bit, I'm not a big electric fan (but I am good at cooling people down).

Here's Charizard! How many other Pokemon can you spot? I love this so much, it's on my wall right by the computer as I type.

This may just have to be my new avatar:

Also some pretty cool Settei that I have no interest in.

Possssterssss.. How I love thee. I shall make spaces! Also Giratina card that I probably won't keep.

I also finally gathered up my plush collection and took some photos. :D I explained every plush that is special to me, and lots of detail pics.

So, a row by row break down! I'd say excuse the Digimon, but I don't want to.

The cushion was my second ever "pick up" order from a comm member. How excited I was to get it! I love filled cookies, and I don't much like the monkies, but it was just so soft and lovely looking.
I rebuilt that 1:1 Gatomon from scratch. When it arrived, it was coffee stain brown ALL OVER and stank like a sewer. The ears were literally rotten where the foam had got wet, and the felt (purple and black parts) was mostly destroyed by damp. I cut her apart, washed the fur, replaced the felt with my own, and remade her ears. My next step will be to use vinyl to replace the paint on her eyes, and gloss them. I have a 2nd Gatomon that's roughly twice the size and bagged, MWT but it's not in my house.
:) Turtwig was left over from a GA that was never fully paid for. He's very big and very nice, but I don't actually want him. The problem is he weighs a lot and I can't ship him easily.

Next row!

My favourites! Lucario is the gem of my collection. I got him in a Segamew GA before Segamew was banned for being naughty. I paid $150 in total and it's the most expensive Pokemon item I've ever bought by at least $100. Once he got here I was so relieved, and happy.
I love the soft and floppy TOMY Mew, but "butthole Mew" (right) is probably my favourite Mew. I bought him in a filthy sorry state from Y!J where the photos mysteriously showed... he had no tail! Just a hole! I showed the comm the pictures and we felt very sorry for him. Now he is sparkly clean and cuddly, with a very mismatched pink velvet tail I sewed for him, held by a black ribbon.
I quite like the fluffy Pikachu, but the material picks up fluff, lint and fur like nothing I've ever known. He need to stay in an airtight bubble because picking fluff off him drives me mad!
Fat Pikachu is the backpack released for B&W and it is SO soft and SO cuddly that I used take him everywhere. He holds a lot of things too. I have washed him twice due to the amount of use he's seen, and he came out like new every time. Kids smile and point at him when we go out, it's nice to make people smile. I have a furry bear-factory size Stitch backpack that I use more than pikachu now, but they take it in turns.
Oh and I have a pair of Gabumons. They're supposed to be the same, but Play by Play is Play by Play...

Onwards! And downwards?

Zorua was from a GA when I had not been a member very long, I was SO excited for him to arrive! I don't like a lot of Zorua merch but he is quite charming, and actually stands up. very cuddly but suffers from Disappearing Nose Syndrome.
Derpy Gatomon is fantastically wall-eyed. You'll see some other Gatos creeping in as the stacks get bigger.
Buneary is absolutely lovely. I'd go so far as to say this is THE Buneary plush to own. The fabric is soft (see my fingerprints in it!), the weight is lovely, and she teeters so adorably.

Reshi was my first ever "big" comm purchase from a member doing pickups. He's not very cuddly, and I'm constantly bothered by him getting dusty, but something about the plush just screamed quality, and I needed to own him. I was vibrating with excitement when he was due to arrive. Kinda shameful that I've never taken his tag off and given him proper snoogles.
Audino is another favourite Pokecentre plush, I knew from the moment I saw it that I needed one. The plush is such a wonderful texture. However I fear it getting dirty due to that wonderful fir, and never play with it either. I don't know what I'm saving them for, it's not like I'll ever sell them. I guess it's fear of washing either.
TOMY Lucarios are the bane of my collection. The vinyl just will not stay in good condition! Ugh! Such lovely toys otherwise, but it peels and flakes even when left on display in a cool dry room.

A row of "eh"..

Though Vaporeon is my bestie-mate-seaside-buddy given as a gift (and recovered from washing reasonably well), I was not super happy to be given Eevee. The ruff is very basic and actually quite sharp where it's gathered at the back. The head shape is very odd. I give it a solid 5/10 especially compared to official plush.
Lying Pikachu is probably my favourite pika. He's so soft and floppy, I cuddle him when I'm in bed (which is extremely rare for a plush) and feel better when I'm sick. His fur is like a mix between minky and suede, making him very tactile.

Weird little Lucario! Same pattern and tag as the other TOMY but smaller and no vinyl. He's pretty loved and dirty, I haven't had time to give him proper attention yet.

Speaking of loved and dirty.. I bought this Paki Paki Charizard from a comm member. I understood he had a broken wing, but I didn't expect him to be in such a condition when he arrived. He was very dirty, with grey to black dirt on his feet and all corners, he also came with a lot of free pet hair.
I washed him carefully (it was that or send him to a thrift store) and then opened his wing to examine the break. Turns out it's a very simple doll ball-joint armature and could be repaired with tools. You can fly again Charizard! :)
If anyone has a broken paki paki, drop me a line and I'll tell you how to get it fixed, good as new!

Eevee, like Pikachu is a total cuddle buddy. I have no idea how "rare" she is, she is so snuggly I will never let her go.
Skating Pika will hopefully have a Tikichu buddy soon. He is a very detailed plush, if not a bit smaller than I anticipated. The reverse of his board is decorated with pattern and pokeballs.
The paired Plusle and Minun (how it frustrates me to have unpaired items!) are purses. Very jolly little purses.
Tagged Minun... I have no idea but I would trade my firstborn highly in your favour to get the Plusle and end my OCD torment.
Arcanine is a custom I made called Glowly. He's pretty deliberately derpy, and took a long time. There's a showcase post of him in my own LJ I think.

I think Arcanine is a reject, as I had to make him a nose. I don't really like the design either way, I am not ina hurry to buy a real one.

Audino is most definitely real. My one special little Japanese Pokedoll. I baby that thing to keep it clean. The eBay seller was very kind and sent some little paper cranes too (some of you will have an idea who I mean).

Let's cover up those non-mon with some bunnies.

Not much to say about these, I have talked extensively about the terrycloth and Hasbro pair, and the rest don't really wow me.
That Buneary is one of the first if not THE first items I ever bought from the comm. I think Flareon Bootie was the first.

And the last few...

Uh oh.. what's that?

Aaah, potential kitten plush avalanche!

And last but not least, WANTS! I am looking for the 18" or bigger Play by Play Charizard. I bought one from pikachux last month for about $30 but it never turned up, so I still really want one please!
Tags: buneary, charizard, eevee, group auction, lucario, mew, minun, pikachu, plush, plusle, turtwig

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