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Smaller Card Pages?

I've been collecting Pokemon cards more, lately, and I'm annoyed by my card pocket pages.

It seems like most 9-pocket pages (even in the old Pokemon card folios!) are sized to snugly fit 2.5 x 3.5" trading cards. Pokemon TCG cards are a little smaller than that, though, and my cards slide around in the pockets and I don't like how insecure that feels and how messy it looks to have extra space around them...

Do they make pages that are sized a little smaller to more snugly hold Pokemon cards? My Google-fu is failing me... I used to store them in a card folio with black vinyl pages that held them pretty tight, but I'd like to move them to my Southern Islands binder, so if I can find loose card pages in a smaller size, I'd be thrilled.

Thank you!
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