Miss_n00b (fizzycat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

livestream aftermath zukan sales!

Hey guys! So with the help of some lovely comm members on livestream, we turned this...

into this!

phew, thats a lot of zukans!
Now this was meant to go up on Sunday, however I fell ill :( so I only managed to do it this evening. As an apology for the delay, I've reduced a bunch of the prices!

of course, a bunch of the zukan are already reserved by people in the stream, and they get priority. 
For people that have reserved, you have 48 hours to claim your reserved zukan! After that, they will be reoffered to the other members.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ANY ZUKAN THAT ARE CURRENTLY CLAIMED, please post letting me know and you will be added to the back up list in case anyone backs out. 

without further ado, here we go!

I live in the UK and I ship worldwide
I accept paypal ONLY unless you live in the UK
Prices do NOT include postage and fees. They are charged seperately.
Please state where you live in your order so I can calculate shipping accordingly
I DO accept trades/part trades! My wants lists are located:
here: thetroublewithgibles.weebly.com/wanted-list.html
here: fizzycat.livejournal.com/8155.html#cutid1
here: fizzycat.livejournal.com/8300.html
and here: fizzycat.livejournal.com/8547.html

Please put your LJ name and what you purchased in the note section in paypal when you pay for your order
PLEASE DO NOT PM ME OFFERS. I will only count your offer/order if you post in the thread.
Sales permission granted by lineaabla on 31st August, 2010

NEW RULE! due to certain circumstances ALL orders over $50 need to be sent tracked unless I've dealt with you before, which is a AROUND $7 shipping to the US! Please keep this in mind!

wailord water squirter! Squirts water out of his blowhole, extremely cute! UP FOR OFFERS, wont accept less than $15. offers end friday 12th october at 11.30pm GMT

Asian Pikachu/Raichu evolving plush from KFC; very rare and hard to find official ones of these. A lot larger and cuter than the hasbro change to pokeball plush! Will be very very sad to see this go. OFFERS, Will not accept less than $40 for it. offers end friday 12th october at 11.30pm GMT

MIP new and sealed pikachu C watch! the only place where you can see ash's pikachu evolve into raichu :P $20

swinub/piloswine x3 $3 each

shieldon/bastildon x4 $5 each 

gligar/gliscor x5 $4 each

swinub/piloswine/mamoswine set x1 $10

shaymin/skymin set x1 $15

giratina origin forme x1 $20

eevee/leafeon/glaceon x1 SEALED - $8 

Budew/roselia/roserade x3 - $3 

buneary/lopunny x1 - $3 

Tags: budew, buneary, dialga, eevee, electabuzz, electivire, elekid, glaceon, leafeon, lopunny, lucario, roselia, roserade, sales, zukan
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