miniokami (miniokami) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Where'd it go?

So I'm just interested in asking a question, I was wondering what ever happened to that Phoenixfoxx Practical items GA that was up awhile ago, I could have sworn I sent a payment but I haven't heard anything about it since anyone know what happened with that?

Also I plan on doing a little collection update coming up as well :)

I also want to ask for those of you that saw my TRU update post, would anyone here be interested in me possibly doing pick ups someday? If this is not allowed please let me know thank you. I DO NOT have sales permission yet so obviously I CANNOT do any pick ups just yet. I simply want to see if I should ask Gin and the other mods in the future if this would be possible. From what most people said their TRU is nothing like the one I have here so I just would like to help out the community. Let me know what you think :)

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