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Hello everyone! This is nidoqueenpug here! I'm new to this community and still have alot to learn. I've been wanting to join for awhile but just now did it. I've loved pokemon since...forever! It's one of my favorite hobbies,even though some people dont understand why a highschooler likes a "cartoon" . Well thats me I try to be nice and funny all the time and some people say I'm brutally honest but whatever! Well there is this thing I've been wanting for a long time now and it's the shiny gyrados plush. If anyone has info I would love it and love to buy it for a decent price! It's hard to get alot of money when youe under 18. So please help out if possible! Well these are my babies! (not icludig,books,figures,or clothes) There are 44 of them and are all very special to me. They're all very ;oved and the newest is an Arcanine and the oldest is the marril. Some  of them are official pokedolls,some are from walmart/target, and a majority are bootlegs. I got them before I knew there was such a thing. Oh,well. Thank you for litening! Have a great day or night!
~ Nidoqueenpug aka Brooke
Tags: pokedolls
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