Rin (leyluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update! NYC pre-release party?

So it's been a while since I've posted an update, mainly because I can't spend money anymore =p But my boyfriend spent a good two trips to Nintendo world showering me with pokedolls. I already made one update on the first round a while ago, so here's the second and a few other small gets! (McDonalds phanpy, attack minccino kid, and Riley pan sticker could now be present with us today =( )

Pokecen Tepig! He's a grand finalist in the faceplanting competitions.

Pokecen Emolga! Will never be able to stand on it's own haha =p So cute and soft

Emolga Tomy Fig! Debating whether or not to open it

Jakks Minccino =D Been wanting one for a long while so happy!!! Another addition to my accidental minccino collection

Jakks Snivey! Came with minccino and axew

Jakks Axew! Came with minccino and snivey =3

N Harmonia keyring!!! OH MY ARCEUS!!! I had been putting off getting this piece for a while, but I finally went out and did it! SO happy I did!

N sticker sheet thingy! I never knew this existed till I saw it in Tofu's sales post (along with the N keyring) Sadly it got creased during delivery =( But I've put it under a heavy text book.

Unfortunately attack Minccino and Riley pan sticker are still in my dorm, but they're new too =3 McDonalds Phanpy is still on the way

Thanks for reading!

Also! I've posted before but no one really responded-- is anyone else going to be going to the NYC pre-release party this Saturday? I'd love to try to meet up =D How hard will it be to get in? I'm scared =o

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