zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick TCG Want! (UK Members, Help?)

At this point, I'm convinced that North America won't be receiving more booster pack promos (at least until Dragon Vault and MAYBE Boundaries Crossed), so it looks like I'll have to turn to those in the UK for help! Especially since last time I posted about it, no one had really seen it... At the time, I wasn't really up for paying the shipping from UK, but now I will >_>

The above packaging is just a stock photo, since the actual card is the one shown beside it, an actual promo. 
I don't need the outer packaging, as long as I get the booster, sample pack, (both in wrappers) and promo card... The Petili can be kept (I have a ton^^)

Lemme know if anyone can help!

Tags: cards, lilligant

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