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~Kung Fu Weasels Collection Update~

It is finally that time, after many months of procrastinating preparation, I think I'm ready to show off my karate chopping weasel collection! I've been collecting them ever since they were first announced, yet I haven't made a collection feature EVER. That is about to change today! Step right up and witness all the purple, creams, yellows and reds!

~Here's a tempting sneak peek~

Here is my entire collection thus far! :D I forgot to put my dice and stamper in the pic. 
I guess I should start out by telling you why I love this line.....
When Unova rolled into town I was very impressed with the designs, I had my doubts since I only had four favorites the previous gen. When the dex leaked all over the internet, I scrolled through the hoard of new pokeys and stopped in my tracks when I came across a long lanky, purple weasel. I was in love. Besides a certain sky squirrel that I had to love by "sugar glider" default, this weasel just spoke to me. Its everything that my websites and art represent. I love drawing lanky animal things, purple is my color of choice and represents my website name, she's very pretty but has claws just like most of my artwork annnnnd to boot I actually love it's pre-evolution. That's so rare. I really, really love Miefoo too! Both have won over my heart.  Mienshao is my main from this line but I do plan to collect all figures, flats and plush for both! As well as having the largest custom collection of the two. I wish both the best of luck for future merch! I know I'll probably be buying two of each when they do. 

So much love for the weasels. <3

Some closes-ups of my Miens. I guess I should start with what official merch I have. 

I exploded when this was announced.....seriously. I would of never guessed that my ferrets would EVER get any merch let alone pokedolls! This has made me very happy and I've decided I want to sew a shiny variant to match this one. <3 Its just so precious. ;3; It gives me hope that Mienshao will get one.

I was surprised that Mienfoo was one of the new Pokedolls to hit the Nintendo Store! I needed both for comparisons and it seems American Foo has a different shade of red. Its more washed out looking than the Japanese one. Other than that, the American one just feels a little....loose. If that makes sense. But its still cute and I'm glad I got both!

My little kung-fu weasels! Why did you have to come out 15 sets into the MPC collection? AAAAH. I was waiting forever for a prototype image of these guys, let alone a release date. She was totally worth the wait though! I had to get two but now I'm contemplating getting a third to make shiny. Hmmmm.... I love how they made the plush in her kung fu stylings pose. 

These took forever to be released, seriously. Set 16? Whhhhhhy? I was looking forward to the summer even more due to these. I can't believe how detailed and cute these are! Mienshao's first plush. ;3; Hopefully, it won't be the last. The paws and those cute chubby little arms are incredibly adorable. It's my favorite MPC by far. Everyone should own this cute weasel! Everyone!
I went crazy and bought five MPC of her. That's right, five. 

;3; My shiny little foo. Why are you so badass in blue? A lot of my team players seem to have blue shinies, hmmmm. I can't wait to see your glorious attack kid someday! ;A;

*u* My baby!~ I will create an army of these kids. Already having three, one in box, one out and one for painting shiny . ^-^ Getting her has lead me to complete my Unova team in kid form. I love the placement of her arms and her clawed toes. Kid figures make me happier than I really need to be haha. But I love them. 

Whoa, whoa whoa whoa. Let me just say it right now, dice are incredibly hard to get. I was even on the ball and ahead of the game since I knew about these before they released but for some odd reason. I couldn't find these ANYWHERE. They came out in January of 2012 and I didn't get them until July 2012. o_o No one was selling them, or auctioning them, or doing pick ups.  I just sat there and waited for SOMETHING for them to pop up. Sheesh. Then finally someone thought the same thing and decided to do a group buy! *u* I love dice since the hunt for them is so fun. I'm glad baby weasel was featured. 

More beautiful booties! This line has very little merch, I just had to get these! For booties, they're actually not that bad to be honest. Besides Mienshao's dark pants and soulless black eyes and Mienfoo's noseless face they look really really good. I was surprised by how accurate they made these molds.  Hopefully, they'll receive official tomy's in the future. 

I'm sooooo soooo happy about the dex charm line! I love all my lines dream world art too so my bank account blew up trying to obtain them all. I got a second set, my Mienshao Pokedoll is sporting the charms.

Mmmmmmm, weasel edible. C: I've always wanted one of my collection pokemon to come in cookie form! I was completely surprised when I saw this up for sale. I had to do a double take. Weasel cookie is the best kind of cookie. 

Cute widdle Mienfoo stamperoo. It is just as tiny as my Emolga heart stamp. Its so easy to loose. I always make sure its in a safe spot where I can't bump into it.


These guys live on my fridge along with my Emolga and Vigoroth! I'm so happy Mienshao got a pair! The front view pose is hardly featured on any of her merch which I'm really happy about. You get a better glimpse of her poofy arms. X3

These sprang on me out of nowhere but everyday I thank pokecen for always making dex line merch, meaning that my favorites will always get something new. c:  Lovely can badges, they're a bit bigger than normal pins from the center. They almost feel hollow. They even came with AR cards so I can now have official weasels on my 3DS and they'll be so much bigger than usual!

I recently gotten this lovely beauty~ Akeyma made a lovely, lovely "prototype" plush of a sitting Mien. Her sister to the right. She mentioned this was a test for a Minky one she'd be making later down the line. I waited and waited and by the time she made it and put it up for auction, I've forgotten about it entirely. Aaah, I knew I needed the other half of the pair. She's so well made, I love the changes she made on her face, eyes and ears. The button nose is such a cute touch. This one looks to have more "Sass" than her sister. Which I totally love about her. They have so many different characteristics for being used from the same pattern. I'm glad to have them both. 

Front and back shot of my sitting sassy Mien. <3

I also won these off ebay. I searched for Mien at the right time and the right place. :O These glorious wads of fluff are made by the talented xsystem

My beautiful normal Mienshao Pokedoll. The head shape, curve of the nose, the ears. Perfection. Her mouth is sad yet angry. Haha. I love that about Mienshao she always looks sophisticated yet evil. The detail on this is quite impressive. Her tiny paws under her sleeves have embroidery and her toes are soooo tiny, I'm surprised they sewn them on! She stands up pretty well and I love how her tiny tail just pops out from underneath. Haha. I'm so lucky to have come across this plush and to own multiple customs from xsystem

Here she is with my JP Mienshao Pokedoll, what a perfect size! They look amazing together~ 

My normal and shiny Mienshao pokedolls, the shiny has been featured before and was made by usakochan. Its one of my smaller pokedolls. They're both so unique yet similar, love love love. 

I was up late one night looking through ebay and decided to look for Mien stuff, when I came across this!!!! I've always wanted an xsystem custom plush but they'd always have full commissions. When xsystem put this up on their plush website, all I did was admire it for days and wished that they'd be willing to recreate that plush. It's absolutely stunning and oh so soft. I can't help petting her up and down her back like a cat. XD The way they sewn her shut eyes was such a nice touch. A bit of her eye line shows over her "Mascara". She even has a little "o" mouth. Hehe. I love laying plush and I'm glad I'd have a custom of one of my fans. 

I was waiting for this to hit my mailbox so that I can finally do my Mien update. :DDDDD What a dream to have another flag custom bell plush!!! <3 This is my second one, shiny! Shroomish being my first. Look how details it is! It's so squishy and can totally stand on its own. The purple bell is such a nice touch. I really admire flag for making these, they look so professional and I bet they're really fun to make! I really hope I can get the chance to commission the rest of my favs. These bell plush are just amazing, everyone should have one in their collection. Legit or custom. 

Its a shiny Mienshao MPC! Made by me. 
I've told myself that I wanted a shiny variant of her MPC ever since it first released. It wasn't too difficult, just sewn new pants, sleeves and tail. c: For some reason, the tips of her whiskers look black when they're actually a dark purple. I think I need to retake more photos when the lighting is better. :/


That about wraps up all I will show off this time.
I really do enjoy collecting this line and hope for a splurge of new merch in the future!
I actually have one more custom that I haven't featured just yet but I'll wait to do so until later this month. ;3
Thanks for looking at my kung fu weasels! 
If theres anything that I'm missing from these lines that I haven't featured here, please bring it to my attention. I'd appreciate it! I feel like I'm missing something but maybe its just my mind playing tricks on me. 



~Small wants~

*Swimming Milotic line
*Venusaur line
*Wrumple line
*Espeon/Umbreon line
*Blaziken line
*Blaziken solo piece
*Charmander piece

*Meowth Pokedoll
*Luxray Banpresto UFO catcher plush (non shiny)
*Krookodile MPC
*Virizion MPC
*Buizel Canvas

*Emonga Toy Factory Plush (any)
*Emonga soapy figure
*Emonga paper mask
*Emonga pink foam stamper
*May Megablok
*May figure keychain (with Torchic or Flygon)
*May's Bandana
*European Absol Attack Figure
*Luxray Marble Shooter

Holy Grails:
*Slaking Retsuden Stamp
*Slakoth Retsuden Stamp
*Slakoth Metal Figures All colors besides Copper
*May's Wishmaker
*Mienshao/Mienfoo/Emonga/Slakoth/Vigoroth/Slaking/Shroomish Settei
*Any flats or items I don't have of Mienshao, Mienfoo, Emonga, Slakoth, Vigoroth, Slaking, Breloom and Shroomish. <3 <3 <3

Thanks in advance for any help!

All this and more is featured over on my collection website! I update it frequently and would love to trade some banners with new collection sites! Feel free to comment with yours! :DDD


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  • ISO and neat stuff on my ebay!

    Hi all! Hope you've all been well. I've been able to make some great strides in denting my wishlist recently including some grail tier…

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