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Reintro & MEGA Collection Update!

Hello, it's been a while since I last posted I think, well collection-wise. I did post earlier in September about meeting up members at a con, BUT ANYWAY...

You can call me "Min" or "Mignonette" (or a deconstruction of the two). Ignore my LJ name, it will change sometime in the future to something totally not weeaboo and something I made up when I was 16. I live near the Gulfcoast and started posting here last April, but have lurked longer. I love to collect the Unova monkeys and they are the main collection. I have three minor collections: Minccino/Cinccino, Yamask/Cofagrigus, and Elgyem/Beheeyem, with some stragglers. I also want to collect Marlon, but we'll see how that goes! My holding back was mostly a combination of moving back home from college and then waiting for stuff to come in the mail…yeah, it got pushed back.

But that means more goodies to show!

Follow the cut to the...

First, the figures!

Simi Kids from heatrotomftw97.

Elegyem and Scrafty from Rotom, Krook from poliwhirl.

Plush time!

A Kuji Ichiban Meloetta from Gin. I'm still on the fence about adding her to the "Pokemon to collect". I still want to get some bits and bobs with her, but that's not really a dire need. As for the Jakks Pansage, a neat little back story. My local Target's Jakks toys has a crappy distribution, not surprising. So every time I went to Target, I always check to see if they have Pansage. Funny thing is, I found the little guy the next time I went to Target, a little after Jakks made the cancellation announcement. Now I need to get Panpour…but it'll feel so unfinished that a Jakks plush Pansear was never to be. :(

Pour finally got both his buddies! Sage is from killmeneko and Sear is from bluehyaku!


(click to embiggen!)
I started collecting clearfiles. I like the art on some of them and they would go on my wall, and boy do I need wall decor! The middle one is from skittyfan and the others from eBay. I forgot to take a picture of the backs, but it's basiclly from left to right: Pansear/Panpour, a small Stunfisk centered on the file, and two of the teacups/Pokemon focused on. The Teacup clearfile is neat in that it has a Pokemon from each line I collect, minus the aliens. So close...XD

(click to embiggen!)
I…I like a lot of BW people. It's really nice to see merch of them. All but "Really-Bad-Tan Dude" are from Gin. I got Marlon from astron.


(Click to embiggen!)
(Click to embiggen)
All gotten from Gin. I like how they are paired, it totally fits my shippings. lol


Gotten from the Pokevault months ago. I laughed when I saw them selling these again this year. Maybe I should get a second one to use. Pokemon Merch: You can't tell when they'll be there next year, or never again.

(Click to embiggen!)
From schenzi. I really like these with the side-on poses. It's really nice to see them in poses other than the stock Sugimori or Dream World. It's also odd to see Simisear in a knuckle-walking pose since the other two are bipedal all the time in the anime.

(Click to see bigger)
I couldn't help myself. I actually ordered them from Gin's Aeon pick-ups while I was in London and only had my phone for internet access. It was a fun experience.

Yes, the resident "donjon" fan won't let a collection update go without them appearing.

(Click it)
These were sold at this years Haru Comic City 17 back in March. "hello good-by" I got from Gin, while the other 3 were gotten from a middleman (akino_djpick). The right two are anthologies.

(Click)  (Click click)
These were from Comiket 82 this summer. They were all gotten with help from fanservices.

Thanks to everyone who made this update possible (and for those who read this whole thing)! :D
I'll end this post with a plug for my (still WIP) Pokemon toy site . More mutual links would be nice, please!

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