Mitchi (mitchichen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update: marbles omg SO MANY MARBLES

I love pokemon marbles. They are my favorite Pokemon merch to collect. My collection was okay, but nowhere near a complete set of the original 150 glass marbles.

And then I saw a listing on eBay for somewhere around 200 marbles for a good price.

So I pounced.

And they arrived yesterday!

Ah they're so lovely! And all stars too!

But the question is, will this set complete my collection?

Here's before adding in the new marbles:

As you can see, there aren't that many. I have some nice ones, and I have some duplicates that aren't shown here.

Here's what I received:

And the two nice little bags:

So do I have the OG 150?


Not Quite

But as you can see, it really filled in a TON of gaps!

Now it'll be much easier to complete the set!

And all my leftovers:

And links to larger versions of the marble pics, in case you want to see what I have.

Marbles #1-109
Marbles #110-151 

Man, now completing a collection of bags is gonna be even tougher!

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