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eevee eevee everywhere!

Hello again! It's me fluffydrifloons, and today i come to you with some questions about all the eevee business! As i have never witnessed this time of the year as a plush collector i have absoloutly no idea how it all works! ^_^
So on to the questions!
1. Which companies release eeveeloution merch?
2. Do you have to pre-order everything, or will they still be available when they come out?
3. Does the pokemon center release merch too?
And my main question is
4. Does anybody know if they will be re-releasing the canvas-loutions?
I am seriously dying to know!
Thanks so much guys, and sorry for the boring post!
Happy pokemon collecting!

EDIT- I will also be posting a gets post soon as i have been quite busy recently with my purchasing. It will also include some praise for two lovely members. All will be explained...when my packages arrive =D

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