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Pikachu Tea Kettle Cleaning and Safety

kettle 004

I've been sick these last few days, so when my Pikachu tea kettle came in I wasn't as excited as I wished I could have been. I didn't get a chance to open it until today since I've been bedridden. Now that I have, I can't believe how gorgeous it looks! It makes me wish I would have bought more from the Pikachu kitchen line.
I know quite a few people from the community bought the kettle specifically so I thought I'd inform you on how I clean my kettles in case some people were nervous about using the Pika kettle.

I own a LOT of tea kettles and pots. I really love drinking tea and I've sort of just collected them over the years. I haven't been using them lately because I've recently bought an electric tea kettle and it gets the job done in half the time, but they're still pretty to look at.


These are just a few the rest are put away and dragging them out would be such a pain. XD

Thanks to denkimouse I know that the Pikachu kettle is enamel. Which basically means it's magnetic carbon steel which works on all cooktops.

kettle 003

First off- When I first opened my Pikachu kettle I washed the inside and outside with hot soapy water, rinsed it, then allowed it to dry. You don't ever want to use it without cleaning it out first.

DON'T EVER leave water sitting in the kettle when you're not using it. It can cause rust build up and that's just YUCK.

Don't overfill the kettle with water. Too much water can boil out the spout and cause serious injuries. Make sure the waterline is bellow the spout on the inside of the kettle.

If you're boiling water you always point the spout away from you when when you open the lid.

I like to suggest using a back burner. That way you won't accidentally run into it, or if you have children they can't reach up and burn themselves.

kettle 006

You can prevent mineral deposits by occasionally putting in 1/4th cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of water and allow it to simmer for about 15 minutes.

Last but not least. Pesky burn stains at the bottom of the kettle can be cleaned by rinsing the bottom of the kettle with warm water then allowing the bottom to sit in a bowl of distilled white vinegar for about 30 minutes. Afterwords scrub it gently with hot soap and water and then rinse.
If the stains are REALLY stuck on, just repeat the process.

kettle 005

I hope this helped! I know some people debate on using their kitchenware's in fear of ruining them but if you take good care of them you shouldn't have a problem! 

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